4 AngryMen is finally able to complete its Dota 2 roster after a lot of confusions and negotiations. Just a few days ago, the official news about the completion of the roster, came out. This time, 4 AngryMen’s roster looks promising as a lot of big stars join the team. The official news about the completion of roster came out through Twitter. The official account of 4 AngryMen tweeted that we are finally done with our roster modifications and everything is successfully settled as Eurus and Redpanda joins. 

The Chinese Coach

4 AngryMen also made changes to its coaching area. The team has officially announced a new coach for the fresh roster. This time, the team is relying on a very talented Chinese coach Bai rOtK. 4 AngryMen took this step to polish the current roster more and perform even better in the competitions

Current 4 AngryMen Lineup

Right now, a new roster is formed for 4 AngryMen. The new roster includes Eurus and Redpanda. These are the last two guys which completed the roster officially. Before them, 4 AngryMen has Somnus Maybe, fy, Yang, and the Chinese coach rOtK. This new roster and talented coach is a dangerous group that is going to do wonders in Dota 2. 

Redpanda and Eurus

4 AngryMen lacked the support role throughout. However, Redpanda is now officially the new support player for the team. Redpanda previously played for Sparking Arrow Gaming. 4 AngryMen is also known as the squad of all-stars. Redpanda didn’t join the roster on his own. However, the new carry of the team brought him with him. 4 AngryMen has given their highest demanding carry role to Eurus. He eventually brought Redpanda with him to join and complete the official roster of the team. 

Eurus officially played for Vici Gaming. He has gained a lot of experience in the professional Dota 2 and is now ready to deliver his best in 4 AngryMen. A lot of fans are waiting for 4 AngryMen to finally come out in the Battle Arena to fight and perform. 

4 AngryMen with the Pair

Fans are expecting some outrageous plays from 4 AngryMen. The new roster consists of all-stars who came from different biggest teams of Dota 2. The team picked the pair Eurus and Redpanda for its highly important positions. Due to two friends joining the squad together, fans are anxiously waiting and hoping for a marvelous performance. 

Before this duo, no other pair was playing in 4 AngryMen. Hopefully, this new experiment is going to work like a charm for the team.

4 AngryMen tweeted their official squad as it completes. Along with the professional players, the Chinese all-star team also signed with the new Chinese coach. In the upcoming tournaments, 4 AngryMen will take on a lot of professional Chinese teams. Fans are hoping for an amazing performance as some of the best players from each team have joined to make this roster.