Digital Chaos and Rex Regum Qeon both fell short of their goals heading into GESC: Indonesia. The two teams are first to exit the tournament after disappointing performances.

A pair of best of ones at GESC: Indonesia resulted in the elimination of two teams. The first match was fought between Digital Chaos and Natus Vincere, and the second between The Final Tribe and Rex Regum Qeon. Ultimately, Digital Chaos and Rex Regum Qeon were on the losing side of the clashes and sent home.

Series 1: Digital Chaos 0:1 Na’Vi

Tensions were high in the first quarrel between Na’Vi and DC. Facing elimination, neither side wished to take unnecessary risks. Both chose to avoid confrontation, resulting in a low kill count throughout the endeavor.

Each squad found the occasional pick off, but Na’Vi’s Morphling and Shadow Fiend were the beneficiaries of an unobstructed farming game. At 30 minutes in, the teams crossed paths near the Roshan pit, and it was Na’Vi who overwhelmed their foes. Four heroes fell on DC, and Na’Vi claimed Roshan in the aftermath.

The feud waged on until Na’Vi exposed the enemy middle, high ground following a decisive team fight. Next, Na’Vi set their sights on the top lane barracks. DC buybacks fell short of the mark, and the North Americans were eliminated from GESC Jakarta.

Series 2: The Final Tribe 1:0 Rex Regum Qeon

Rex Regum Qeon had a rough start to their tournament. That trend continued into their best of one with The Final Tribe. Also recurring was RRQ’s hopeful start to the lane stage. As the game evolved away from lanes, RRQ bled kills through the entirety of the game.

The Final Tribe took advantage of the deaths by transitioning into objectives including towers and Roshan. Eventually, with only high ground left to conquer, The Final Tribe began their final push to make quick work of the Indonesian team.

A couple of successful defenses of their high ground enabled RRQ to extend the game for a period, but there was no real light at the end of the tunnel. A notable Tiny performance by Jonas ‘jonassomfan’ Lindholm tormented RRQ and prevented any member of RRQ to build any momentum.

RRQ appeared out-manned and out-gunned through all stages past the lane. Map movements from their competition were superior and inevitably it meant their downfall. The Final Tribe knocked out the hometown team after a disappointing last appearance.


Source: Gosugamers