Sometimes a wide variety of guns in CSGO can be a difficult choice. Therefore, the question often arises, which gun you should actually buy. Of course, this is always a bit dependent on the situation.

Dual Beretta

Although dual Berettas have style, they do little damage to armored opponents and are comparatively expensive. Their purchase is worth at most in the Pistol Round.


The P250 is slightly less accurate than the starter pistols, but also deadly against armored opponents. It has a great deal of ammunition and is a good economical purchase. Thanks to the low price of only $300, the purchase can be worthwhile in many cases.


Credits: CSGO wallpapers

Five-SeveN, Tec-9 and CZ75

Some of the most popular guns are the Five-SeveN (CT-side) and the Tec-9 (T-side) for $ 500 each. These two are rightly the favorites in this category. They are also relatively accurate over medium distances and can knock out the opponent with a head shot. The Tec-9 is the leader among the pistols with 24 bullets per magazine.

As an alternative, you can still choose the CZ75 on both sides. It is the only automatic pistol in the game. It boasts a high rate of fire, but is inaccurate and you have extremely little ammunition to work with. In addition, it takes a relatively long time for the gun to reload and ready for use. Nevertheless, many professional AWP players use the CZ75 as a secondary weapon.

Desert Eagle and Revolver

Then there’s the Desert Eagle (also called “Deagle”), an iconic yet controversial weapon in CSGO. It does a lot of damage, with two body shots are usually enough. However, it scatters very strong when you fire several shots in a row and the magazine is quite small with seven bullets. If one is prepared to invest a lot of money, to get a gun, then then opposing player may resort to longer distance engagements with a head shot, but even at a distance you can win dual with a good grip on the gun.

CSGO Desert Eagle

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Otherwise, there is still the revolver to purchase. This is still not the best choice, since it is inferior to the Desert Eagle in almost all areas and thus does not represent a real alternative.

When do you buy a pistol?

There are several scenarios where buying a pistol makes sense. If you have to make a turnaround, but have some flexibility of budget so that a planned purchase in the next round is not endangered, then you should definitely buy a pistol. This gives you at least the chance against the well-equipped opponent to make a stand.

Otherwise you can also buy a pistol in addition to the primary weapon in normal round. Of course, you do not have to do that, but it can be an advantage if the ammo goes out in a firefight. Especially AWP players should take a strong pistol if they can not hit a shot and the opponent comes dangerously close. If the money is quite tight, then it is a smart choice to invest in grenades.