Kill enemies through a wall? This is possible in CSGO with so-called “wallbanging”. A projectile penetrates a wall or an object and then hits the opponents. In Wallbangs, however, the damage done by a bullet is reduced. Whether a wallbang is possible and how much the damage is affected depends on various factors that we want to highlight in this guide.

CSGO Wallbanging Basics

Wallbanging is also officially called “Bullet Penetration”. In CSGO, if a bullet hits a wall or object, the game calculates if the bullet can penetrate. That depends on the following three factors:

  • Penetration power of the weapon (“Penetration Power”)
  • Distance to be traveled through the object
  • Material of the surfaces

If a bullet penetrates something, it reduces the damage it inflicts on a possible hit. The severity of the damage reduction also depends on the factors mentioned above.

Bullet Penetration Power

The weapons in CSGO have different degrees of effectiveness. Heavy weapons such as M4A4, AK-47, and AWP logically have a higher penetration than light weapons such as MP7 or UMP -45. The entry “Penetration Power” in the purchase menu reveals how high the power of a weapon is. There is a value between 0 and 300. The higher the value, the further the bullets of the respective weapon can penetrate through hard surfaces.

CSGO Wallbaning

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Interesting information on the side: The Nova is the only weapon with a Penetration Power of 0. So you can not shoot through it. All other weapons, including the pistols, are capable of at least smaller wallbangs.

Wallbangs in different angles

Whether a wallbang is possible or not depends to a large extent on the way a projectile has to travel through a wall or through an object. Of course, this distance varies depending on where and at what angle the projectile penetrates. The longer the path through an object, the more energy the projectile losses. If it has lost all its energy, then it gets stuck and there is no wallbang.

This could be so noticeable, for example, that you can not shoot through a box, but very well through a corner of the box. The path the bullet has to travel through the box is then much shorter.

Wallbang properties of materials

The material also determines whether a Wallbang is possible. Keep in mind that objects can be made of different materials. The projectiles in CSGO can penetrate up to four surfaces.


Credits: Team Dignitas

Logically, a bullet goes through wood more easily than through metal (assuming the same thickness). So that the game knows, there is the so-called “Penetration Modifier”, which varies from material to material.

As a rough overview we have a list of the most common Wallbang materials. The values ​​in parentheses are the respective “penetration modifiers” of the material.

  • Easy to penetrate: glass (0.99), cardboard (0.95), metal mesh (0.95), wood (0.9)
  • Moderate penetration: plaster (0.7), tile (0.7)
  • Difficult to penetrate: concrete (0.5), brick (0.47), metal (0.4), solid metal (0.27)