It has been recently confirmed that one of the best CS:GO players in the world, Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin has decided to leave Team Vitality. Earlier, the announcement was made by the team itself, but now the player has also confirmed this news. His decision to leave Team Vitality comes right after their 9-12th finish at the IEM Katowice 2020.

Alex Leaves Vitality

For those who don’t know, Alex joined Vitality back in 2018. This means that he has been a part of the French organization for just over a year. He was the replacement of Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer. During his time with Vitality, Alex has played some really amazing matches and has managed to defeat some of the biggest teams. In addition to this, the player also helped his team with winning the ECS Season 7 Finals and the EPICENTER 2019. This is something because of why Team Vitality was listed at the second place in the CS:GO World Rankings.

Shortly after the announcement was made, players started wondering why the CS:GO pro has decided to leave his team. Different fans started coming up with various assumptions, but now we have an official statement from the team which has explained why Alex has left the organization that he joined back in 2018.

Reason Behind His Decision

According to the statement, Alex’s decision is because of some personal reasons. He is apparently tired of all the constant travelling that comes with being a professional CS:GO players. As a part of Team Vitality, Alex has to travel from one country to another, and this is something that has taken a toll on his life. The official statement has also confirmed that his decision to leave Team Vitality is not because of any in-game issues or conflicts with other team members.

Alex also made a long post on Twitter in which he talked about his recent decision. In his post, the CS:GO player mentioned that he and his team traveled 36 weeks of the year in 2019, and he later realized that the current ecosystem means that he won’t be able to decease this down to 22 weeks in 2020.

At the moment, Team Vitality has been confirmed to compete at six events in the coming four months. This means that the team is going to have a really busy period, and Alex has realized that this is the right time to step down from the team. His decision to leave has come as a shock to many fans as they never expected him too leave too soon.

Vitality Signs A New Player

Vitality has also quickly found a replacement for Alex. It has been officially confirmed that the French CS:GO player Kevin “Misutaaa’ Rabier is going to be joining Vitality.

Not many of you will be familiar with this player because he is yet to create a name for himself on the global stage. However, he is still a really amazing player and is considered as one of the top in the French CS:GO scene. He has shown his skills in the ESL French Championship and the FaceIT Pro League matches.