The competition of an intense series against the Swedes was dominated by the Frenchmen as they secured a spot at BLAST Premier Europe Finals.

Ninjas in Pyjamas still has one more opportunity to progress to the finals. The last spot will go to the winner of the third-place decider among Ninjas in Pyjamas and MAD Lions, who lost against ENCE in the other semi-final match earlier on Sunday.

Vitality’s good record against NiP

Since March they faced the Swedes on 11 maps, Vitality kept their positive record against NiP, however, it boiled down to a hard-faced conflict in any case as apEX and co. returned from a loss, denying their rivals two separate rebound endeavors of their own on Overpass and Vertigo.

Vitality vs. NiP

NiP got off the line first on Nuke, beginning the CT side and winning the pistol round from nawwk⁠ and ⁠REZ to increase a speedy 4-0 lead, yet Vitality didn’t let the Swedes flee with the half as they got the initial gun rounds on account of some key openings from RpK⁠.

Both the teams were on about equivalent balance after they went to and fro to end the first half 8-7, however, that before long changed when NiP held onto control with a speedy hit in the subsequent pistol round. Vitality seemed shocked as they were not able to stop the assault that resulted, with their rivals assembling a prevailing Terrorist side to guarantee their win with a score of 16-7.

At the start of the round at Overpass, the Swedes proceeded to hold their impeccable pistol round streak. This time they were immediately halted by a solid French resistance driven by ⁠shox and RpK. A few multi-kills both from shox and RpK helped Vitality go on an eight-round streak and inevitably switch over to Terrorists at 9-6.

The French side kept the weight up in the second half with shox driving the way again, though they had lost their fourth pistol round. When the game reached the 14th round, they began running directly into a divider on the B bombsite more than once, be that as it may, as NiP pushed back to level the scores at 14-14. Vitality at long last got through with a snappier pace system towards B and effectively ran a convenient phony in the last round of guidelines to compel the deciding map at 16-14.

ZywOo leading the way for Vitality

A riotous upheaval on A site gave Vitality their first pistol round of the match on Vertigo and they assumed control for the first half right on time, with NiP just overseeing three out of the initial 11 rounds. Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut by that time discovered his standard level as he drove his team to a 9-6 half and he proceeded with the frenzy once sides swapped, with Vitality revitalizing to an inevitable lead of 14-6.

REZ’s breathtaking 1v4 grip messed up the plans as Vitality looked dazed, losing five rounds in quick succession on the rear of the monstrous play. However, they didn’t let NiP total the rebound as they shut the match once and for all with the score of 16-11, 2-0.