The eSports, after all, is a business, and this makes the companies that operate within the sector have to adapt to the changes, The hardest of all is usually the one that comes with the decision to abandon a project, and in the case of the same thing has happened, with an announcement that has surprised the community. The Russian club, after 15 years, has announced that it has ceased its activities in the competitive circuit of CS: GO until further notice.

With a brief statement, the club’s general manager, Roman Dvoryankin, has confirmed that they want new and young blood in the club after failing to qualify for the ESL Pro League. The team hasn’t won any titles this year or even reached the final of any major competition considering VP was arguably the best team in the world two years ago.

With 2018 about to close, the Virtus.Pro balance sheet is quite disappointing for a team that has been in the global elite. The ELEAGUE Major of Boston and London, as well as the IEM Katowice campaign have been the only big competitions where the team has participated, from their, they were relegated to minor leagues even their they have not managed to dominate. VP lost the ESL Pro League qualifier a few days ago against Team Kinguin, where the former club member TaZ currently currently plays, who enjoyed the golden age of

Instability of eSports

One of the biggest drawbacks of eSports today is the lack of stability in the teams that invest in it. The franchise projects, such as the League of Legends European Championship , seek to end the idea of ​​relying on a good run to maintain an economic viability in a project conditioned on the team’s victories.

The case of exemplifies this very well , since having a high-class team playing in the minor leagues is unsustainable. It remains to be seen what Virtus.Pro’s options are for the future and how it will get back to the big leagues again, as it will have to rise from bottom if it wants to return to the elite.

For now, The BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 tournament is all set to take place in a few hours. This tournament will end the competitive season of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), will be played between December 14 and 15 at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal. In the competition, we will see the Brazilians, MIBR, The No.1 team in the world, Astralis and four other teams will join forces in the fight for a total prize pool of US $ 250,000.

It is worth mentioning that the third place will participate in a kind of showmatch with an opponent of his choice. After five games 1×1, each duel with a different weapon, the winning team will take home the bonus amount of $ 20,000, plus the prize for the overall tournament placement.