The recoil of the weapons and the resulting inaccuracy with continuous fire is there to ensure that you have to use different shooting techniques in CS:GO depending on the situation. The basic rule is that further the opponent is away from you, the slower and more concentrated you should shoot.

Spraying: Temporary firing to expose the opponent to a hail of bullets. But you have to control the recoil of the weapons so that at least some of the bullets hit the opponent. Normally, this shooting technique is only worthwhile for short distances, but experienced players can also use it at medium distances.

Bursts: Small bursts of 2-3 bullets are relatively accurate and deadly with standard weapons like M4A4. The first bullets are very accurate in almost every weapon and scatter only a little. If you leave short breaks between bursts, you can hit opponents well on almost all distances.


Credits: Lagkill

Tapping: By pressing the fire button with pauses in between, you can deliver extremely precise individual shots that hit your opponent at long distances. This is only worth it if you use a weapon like the AK-47, which does enough damage at a distance

Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is, in principle, a factor in all video games that deal with speed and response, a factor that significantly shapes one’s own abilities. In terms of CS:GO, this term describes the familiarization of mouse movements in order to move the crosshairs exactly to the opponent in a variety of situations. The more gaming experience you have the better your muscle memory will be. To improve muscle memory, you should play a variety of different maps. In addition, it would be advisable not to constantly change the mouse sensitivity.

Where does one aim best?

First of all, the question arises as to where exactly one should aim if an opponent appears in front of you. This question is answered in one word: headshots. Because in CS:GO and many other games, headshot instant kills an opponent. So you should be properly coordinated on the crosshair to instakill your opponents.

The exception of this rule is the AWP. AWP, the mighty sniper rifle eliminates the opponent with a physical hit, therefore you do not have to aim for it. Finally, the upper body provides a larger area for the killing blow.



Aim training in CS:GO

Good for practicing your shooting skills is the Deathmatch mode. The advantage is that in this mode you can continue playing immediately after death and that the opponents come from all directions. So you practice fast and orderly goals in a variety of situations.

There are also maps in the CS:GO workshop that are specially designed to train the aiming. These offer the possibility to make different settings and thus practice against defenseless bots or targets. Good timing comes with experience, but the tips in this guide should you help speed up the process.