Valve, in the latest update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is making character models somewhat simpler to spot.  

The new update termed as the “Enemy Spotted” update where the fix is concentrating vigorously on making character models simpler to spot in the game for players without extravagant graphic cards or high-tech screens. This new update includes improved settings for the CSGO options menu, and also some changes in the problematic areas of a few maps.

“Boost Player Contrast” setting is the focal point of the update, which does precisely what one may anticipate from it. This new component, when enabled, hones the complexity between character models and natural surfaces, making it simpler to spot the opponents.   

The Example

A terrorist character, in B tunnel in the Dust 2 map, brought in the update as an example. The mix of an earthy colored zone, an earthy colored outfit on the character, and diminished lighting makes it difficult to spot the character model from far away. But the character models show up a lot darker than the background and in this manner are simpler to spot from a distance when turned his feature on.

The Valve isn’t duplicating the concept of red outlines encompassing the enemies as seen in games like Overwatch, CoD Mobile, etc. This impact is accomplished through comparative methods, for example, “reinforcing edge pixels” and “making a little differentiating radiance around a character.”  

This new element is probably going to be a piece of inviting news for most CSGO players. While players with powerful screens and high-end graphic cards have had the option to accomplish something comparative through their hardware. This will preferably give a progressively available and effortlessly executed option for other players.

Changes in the CSGO maps

Valve didn’t only make major developments in how the characters are graphically rendered in CSGO. The developers rolled out some changes with irksome areas in six well-known maps including Overpass, Mirage, Inferno, Train, and Cache. Anybody that has played CSGO for any time span will have experienced a portion of these at some point.

The bike on the divider on Overpass’ long has been expelled, as have been a couple of residual bits of ivy from the territory outside washrooms. Similarly, a silent dropdown bug from the B site balcony in Mirage has been fixed and also adjust the angle of the ladder in the ladder-room. The windows opposite to the bombsite at Dust 2’s A were likewise raised, disposing of the interminably inconvenient disguise they gave during firefights from the catwalk.

A huge number of faintly lit zones were likewise lit up, remembering Overpass’ connector and the market window for Mirage. Outside of this was an amazing change to Dust 2, with the entryways between the B bombsite and pathway to mid being flipped which radically improves CT visibility into the bomb site. A little change like this could make retaking one of the most teasing areas in CSGO a lot simpler.  The full rundown of changes can be found on the authority CSGO site.