On the official website of CSGO, Valve kicked off a blog titled “Winning is everything” last night. It tells us how the rules for obtaining the legend status on the Major tournaments will change from 2019. Currently, top 8 teams from the previous major tournaments receive a direct invite to the Legends Stage. The last 8 teams are automatically placed on the Challenger Stage.

The new system will work so that two teams that finish with a 0-3 in the Legend Stage in London will have to pass through the Minor qualifiers to qualify for the Challenger Stage in Katowice in 2019. Two places will remain free which teams will secure through a series of playoffs. The playoffs will involve all third-place teams from regional Minor tournaments.

Valve CSGO

Credits: GosuGamers

Last time, Virtus Pro and North were the two teams that ended with a 0-3. However, under the old rules by Valve, they were directly invited for Faceit Major in London. However, according to the new rules, the team with such a score should play in the qualifiers. The first tournament with these rules will be the IEM XIII – the World Championship, Katowice. The tournament will take place from February 14th to March 3rd.

The Major tournaments in CSGO operate in such a way that there are 3 Stages (levels):

  • Challenger Stage
  • Legends Stage
  • Champions Stage

Challenger Stage CSGO

At the Challenger Stage, 16 teams are competing. It includes eight teams who passed through the Minor qualifiers and the 8 worst teams from the Legends Stage of the previous Major. The format is BO1 and 8 of the best teams are placed for the Legends Stage where they meet with the teams that participated in the Champions Stage of the previous Major. In the legends stage, the teams also play in the BO1 format. In the stage, the top 8 teams go to the Champions Stage, featuring BO3, single-elimination. To simplify, the two worst teams from the Legends Stage will not be a part of Challenger stage.

Valve giving attention to CSGO

This is a good move by Valve. With this system in play, we should see fresh contenders for the title. This change will give a chance to other teams to beat the best and qualify for the Legends Stage. No one wants to see worn out teams getting a free invite to the Legends stage. After displaying a poor performance in the last major no teams should get a free pass to the next major tournament. So all of the players and the fans have raised their concerns and it is a great site to see Valve hearing the CSGO community.

Valve has been kind to CSGO in the past months with the launch of Panorama GUI and recently bringing MP5 to the scene. The developer has also announced to get new maps into the competitive scene. So it is great to see Valve putting so much effort for 2018-19 season.