You might be familiar with the term “hacking”. Well, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) competitive scenario also has cases of ‘hacking’. Some pro players were caught using hacks and cheats. As a result, Valve imposed a ban on them to their practice in the game. Hacks are electronic facilitators that break the rules of the game by looking through walls, smoke bombs, or even by taking automated aim at enemies’ head. Valve is also against the use of cheats. For this purpose, they launched VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat). Let’s have a look five players who had to give up their passion for some time due to the ban imposed by Valve.

Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian

The French player Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian became known for one of the most incredible headshots on the Dust 2 map. The player jumped and took a single shot inside the bombsite A. However, KQLY faced a ban shortly before the DreamHack Winter 2014. Titan removed KQLY from the squad and just after his removal, the team had to face elimination in the tournament. After that, we didn’t get to see KQLY in the competitive scene.

KQLV banned by VAC

Credits: EGameTube


One of the most unusual cases occurred during an ESEA TV stream in 2015, in the match between ESP and Grandpa Berets. The confrontation between the two tier 3 teams was interrupted with the live ban on Flex, who was removed from the server by the detection of hacking. The live ban on the player caught the whole team by surprise, which later accepted that its player was guilty.

Simon “smn” Beck

Team ALTERNATE player, smn’s VAC ban also caused a big stir in the competitive scene because it happened right after the ban of KQLY. Team Alternate eventually dismissed smn a few weeks before the final of EPS Germany Winter 2014.

VAC bans smn

Credits: HLTV

Joel “emilio” Mako

It is another case of a live ban, the emilio case occurred while the player was playing for Team Property during FragByte Masters III. Emilio disconnected from the server in a match against HellRaisers, because of hacking. The ban resulted in the disqualification of Team Property from the tournament. Later the team removed the player from its line up.

emilio banned by VAC

Credits: HLTV

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev

Yes, one of the biggest names in CS:GO of the moment is already on the list of VAC ban. Banned from participating in ESL tournaments in 2013, s1mple tried to continue competing under a different name. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for him either and Valve imposed another ban on him in early. The player continued to play for teams such as HellRaisers and Flipsid3 Tactics until the banning period ended in 2016.

S1mple banned by VAC

Credits: HLTV

It just goes to show you that even the pros need help from the prohibited means. But no matter who you are, you will get caught and will be banned from the game for lifetime. So just get good the old way: practice, learn and conquer.