For a gaming enthusiast, it doesn’t matter if he can touch the weapon skin or take any physical advantage from it. Since it is providing visual effects and making their character look cool while handling it, he is ready to splash cash in the item market. Some of the skins cost just a few cents while other cost a few dollars. A few best skins based on their inconsistent prices and rarity have been shortlisted and are as under.

AWP: Dragon Lore

A powerful dragon breathing fire is presently available at $1555, it is the most expensive skin in the CS:GO. Last year in January it was sold for $61,052.63. The figures and patterns give it an impressive fantasy weapon look. It is one of a kind.

M4A4: Howl

It is a unique skin giving an impression that a beast is being handled. It is quite difficult to handle the fury of the skin. It is available for $1079 buy can’t be taken from the cases or regular drops at the end of matchmaking rather it is only available through trading increasing the value of this rare item.

AWP: Medusa

If cold killing had a name it would surely be Medusa. The sniper is given a deadly look by the Medusa Gorgon skin. Priced at $862, the skin differs with the actual character in a way that Medusa could kill an opponent even without looking at it.

P90: Emerald Dragon

A Bravo Collection item looks more like Asian Art. It is a Geeko like design which looks like a tattoo on the skin. It is now available for half of its actual price.

Karambit: Case Hardened

A tiger claw shaped knife with super solid blade is unbreakable and is very tough. It is one of the best knives of the CS:GO and obviously the most expensive one priced at $258.

AK-47: Fire Serpent

A dragon like snake in the grass is painted throughout the skin. Rated at $197, it looks like the snake is trying to come on the surface of the rifle.

M9 Bayonet: Crimson Web

A deadly blood red colored knife which could enter the enemy flesh like a sharp animal teeth. The design is equally deadly and solid. But still it looks quite graceful.

AK-47: The Empress

Using the skin it seems as if a pretty lady is looking at you. A dangerous weapon having a lady on it gets more dangerous. The shining lady on the skin has all the energy which powers the weapon.

Ak-47: Case Hardened

A rifle actually built for the terrorist squad has a hard body. The case hardened skin is most suitable for many players. A great skin but has very few features.

From this we can conclude that there a couple of factors that drive the value of the weapon skins, it is rarity and its beauty. The other thing that matter is its subject. Many players believe in the beauty of the weapon and its skin. The skins which are rare are the most expensive ones and make them look more interesting, hence, attracting more players to the game.