CS:GO is a game that has professional teams in all over the world. These teams are filled with players who have contributed a lot towards making the game popular. Every year, we get to see some new faces joining the CS:GO competitive scene. However, we also get to see old players leaving the game to focus on something else. And just recently, a really popular name in the CS:GO scene has decided to retire from competitive play to focus on another project.

Recently, Braxton “Swag” Pierce, one of the most popular figures in CS:GO, announced that he is retiring from CS:GO. This was confirmed by him on his official twitter account where he talked about his future plans.

According to the CS:GO pro, he has decided to take a step back from competitive CS:GO. This is because he wants to take a break and then jump into Project A as soon as it gets released. For those who don’t know, Project A is an upcoming project of Riot Games. This basically means that after years of playing a title from Valve, the latter has now decided to shift his loyalty towards another studio. He did added that he might stream CS in the future, but he is going to be put his ambitions in Project A.

Swag also thanked everyone who supported him and hoped that his fans are going to support his journey. He claimed that it has been a fun 8 years for him, in which he played 1.6 and CS:GO for around 22k hours. The latter has contributed a lot to making CS:GO what it is today, and is now going to help Riot Games with making their upcoming game a hit.

For those who don’t know, Swag’s professional CS:GO career was disturbed back in 2015 when he was found involved in the iBuyPower match-fixing scandal. Because of this, Valve banned him from CS:GO for life. Although the ban was later lifted by ESL and DreamHack in 2018, he was still unable to participate in any Valve-sponsored Majors.

Since Swag was banned, his fans and other professional players have been asking Valve to lift the ban so that he could continue his CS:GO career without any problems. But now that the player has decided to shift his attention towards another game, his fans are now wishing him the best for Project A. Even the MIBR star Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo replied to his tweet in which he told Swag that he deserved better, but they are going to follow him no matter what.

CS:GO observer David “Prius” Kuntz even claimed that Riot is going to be very lucky to have him and that he might even work for them as a game developer when he full retires. In any case, its great to see that Swag has decided to finally move on to something that will bring him both peace and happiness. Fans are currently eagerly waiting for the release of Project A so that their favorite player can return to gaming.