CSGO could finally receive an addition that will change the whole gaming experience. It saddened the fans when the news of Valve’s Source 2 engine being scrapped, came out. However, Valve has dropped good news on its fans about Source 2 Engine being under development. Valve has also given a hint about Source 2 coming to Counter-Strike Global Offensive. 

CS:GO Source Engine

Valve officially launched CSGO in 2012. Ever since its existence, the game has been running on the same source engine. Although, Valve has supported the game throughout the years by releasing multiple updates, bug fixes, and new modes of gaming. A lot of competitive content came out as Valve decided to revive the game. Valve decided to make CSGO “free-to-play” in 2018. This decision increased the fan base and the lifespan of the game. 

Expected Date and Details

Valve officially announced the teleportation of CSGO to Source Engine 2 at the Hello CS presentation, held in China in 2017. However, this never came to reality. Since then, Valve dropped a lot of shreds of evidence about source 2 being canceled. Recently, a member from Valve, Tyler McVickers, said that it is very possible that the source 2 engine will be released at the end of the year 2021. Contrary to this, Valve News Network previously announced that the organization has stopped working on source engine 2. Too much content load from the community, made Valve halt the development of Source 2.


It would be a simple task for Valve to teleport all the official skins, maps, and weapons to a new engine. However, the community has created a lot of content itself, which creates a big obstacle for Valve to move to another engine. The member of Valve News Network, McVickers says that the core porting part of the game from Source to Source 2 is pretty much done, but it’s the roll-out that creates a problem. He also suggests that if Valve successfully ported the whole game to a new Source, it would take a year to test it in betas before going live. 

Fans of Valve and their deadlines have come to a doubtful point. Although the organization should be given some room to shift a game to a whole new engine, it is still hard to believe that Valve will manage to do all the things before the end of 2021. 

New Changes?

The official News Network of Valve explained that teleporting CSGO from Source engine to Source 2 would not bring a lot of changes. It would just be an update for irregular players and they might not even notice a big change in the game. The officials also said that the game would be 95% the same as before. Also, it would also be the same for the people who use map-making and other custom creation tools for the game. If you are hoping for a whole new version of the game, then you might wait for a new Counter-Strike series.