The StarLadder Berlin Major is underway and viewers all over the world are excited to see how some of the biggest CS:GO teams in the world are going to perform. However, it seems like some streamers on Twitch are apparently getting banned for streaming it. That’s right, various streamers have claimed that their channel got banned and that too without any warning.

Tournament host StarLadder is already streaming the Berlin Major in the best possible way. However, there are some streamers who are streaming the matches on their channels by using the built-in GOTV client. While they are doing this for the sole purpose of increasing the viewership of the ongoing tournament, it seems like StarLadder isn’t happy with what they are doing.

Streamers That Got Banned 

Ex CS:GO professional player and streamer Erik “fl0m” Flom recently tweeted that he got a copyright strike because of streaming StarLadder Berlin Major. The streamer was only trying to watch the tournament with his audience by using the GOTV client, but the tournament host was not in favor of this. StarLadder issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act, popularly known as DMCA, to take down his stream.

The thing which is bothering fl0m the most is that instead of telling him to stop streaming, Twitch just banned his channel. Neither Twitch nor StarLadder contacted him prior to the ban. Another streamer, Richard Lewis, was also using the GOTV client to stream the Berlin Major on his channel, only to receive a message which asked him to turn off his stream if he wants to avoid a copyright struck.

Including the above two streamers, the following ones got banned because of streaming the tournament:

  • fl0m
  • mch_AGG
  • pelaajatcom
  • metabro
  • nookyyy
  • 1ukeofficial
  • maleK_CSGO
  • gabepeixe
  • dimaoneshot
  • viperdemon
  • mchfps
  • Ryu7z

What Is the GOTV Client

For those who don’t know, CS:GO has a built-in GOTV client that allows players to watch every game. As streamers cannot re-broadcast the original StarLadder stream, they have to use the client to stream the Major on their channel. Although the streamers who received the ban were not using any content from the tournament host and were not displaying any advertisements, it was still against the official rules.

Official Rules of the Tournament

Basically, the official rules of the tournament clearly claim that all broadcast rights to the StarLadder Major are owned by the organizers. Along with personal broadcasts, GOTV is also prohibited. If someone wants to stream the tournament on his/her channel, they will first have to get the approval of StarLadder. Otherwise, they will just put their channel at risk as they can get banned any time.

While we don’t know exactly when Twitch will start unbanning the streamers, it is safe to say that it might take a few days. Until then, viewers can simply choose the official methods to watch the Berlin Major.