A few hours ago, CS:GO was updated having major gameplay changes impacting the loss bonus resets, the changes made to the AUG were reversed and M4A1-S will now have more bullets than before. The new update has a new Prisma case added to the pool of containers. A few map related changes and some other assorted changes are part of the new update as well.


One of the prominent changes in the gameplay is the adjusted round loss bonus with reduced negative feedback loop in the streak of losses. With zero losses it will be $1400, with one loss $1900, with two it becomes $2400, three losses makes it $2900 and with four or over losses it becomes $3400. Earlier, a win resettled the losses, now it would reduce the loss counter by one.

Another addition is the flash bang assistance for the players who efficaciously flash their enemy and get them killed by some other player of their team. Players throwing the flash bang will get an assistance in the death notice as a callout. But if the other assisting player caused more than 40 damage points to the opponent, the assist player will not get the callout.

AUG, M4A1-S, Shotguns & The Prisma Case

One of the best features included in this update with the AUG is that the players will have the option to return the weapon at its original price of $3300. Meanwhile, M4A1-S will now have a magazine of 25 bullets while there will be 75 bullets in reserve. A bug where C4 or enemies were seen through open doors showing on the radar has been fixed, another rare bug with a C4 bomb reset trigger was resetting the bomb to a position not found on the ground has been fixed too.

There are some price reductions in Shotguns sections, with Nova going down for $1050, Sawed-Off will now cost $1100 and Mag7 will be available for a reduced price of $1300. Nova penetration ability has been increased to 1, Sawed-Off’s range increased to 1400 and single shell shotguns will not continue to reload automatically after player holster and deploys them in the middle of a reload.

In the pool of containers, there is an addition of Prisma Case, which eill feature 17 different community designed weapon finishes and the Horizon Knives in Chroma as rare item.

Map Modifications

  • Canals

In this map, there will be a less number of paths around bombsite B which has now been moved inside the palace. There is an additional door that will connect the central stairs to the courtyard platform. It is now possible for players to jump from scaffold to the B Bridge. In addition to that, there will be a new style of radar on the map as well.

  • Vertigo & Community Maps

Vertigo will have a blocked run boost from Terrorist Spawn to the Bombsite B. There will be an congested boost from top of floodlight in the back of A, while the back of A has a changed layout where there in an added entrance on the side of the regular doorway and an additional half wall in front of the framework. A door has been added in the mid leading to bombsite B.

There is a streamlined collision model of support jack. A fix has been made to the unintentional boost on scaffold on ramp on A site, and the boost-able concrete mold on A site is slightly larger than the one in previous version. An improved clipping has been installed in the elevator tube. Similarly, in the community maps Abbey & Biome has received radar upgrades.