Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, popularly known as CS:GO, is one of the most popular video games out there. The game is played by millions of players every month, with professional players competing in various tournaments hosted in all parts of the world. CS:GO also became the most played game on Steam in October 2019, something which alone proves how big the game’s player base is.

Because of its popularity, every gamer tries to try it at least once. Some get addicted to the game, while others stop playing it because they just cannot win a single match. No matter how much they try, they fail to improve their game. If you’re one of them, we have some tips for you that can help you become a better player in CS:GO.

Adjust Your Game’s Settings

The first thing you must do is adjust your game’s setting. You have to make sure that you have the right specs to run the game smoothly. If your PC cannot handle the game or if you are facing lag while playing the game, then we will suggest you first upgrade your PC. This is because you cannot learn the game properly if your facing lag in the game.

Adjust Your Mouse Sensitivity

The second thing you need to do is to adjust your mouse sensitivity. This is something really important as your whole game depends on it. We will suggest you try out different settings and use the one that suits you well. Some players like to keep it low, while others keep it high.


Try Different Modes

Another important thing to do is try out all the modes. This is because every game mode is different and offers an exciting gameplay experience. At the moment, there are around nine different game modes in CS:GO, including Competitive, Casual, Arms Race, Deathmatch, and a few more.

Play Deathmatch More

Deathmatch is considered as one of the best modes in CS:GO to learn the game. This is because in this game mode, you don’t have to worry about the complicated things. The only thing you need to focus on is eliminating opponents. The thing which players love the most about this mode is that they don’t have to wait a lot to get back into the game after getting eliminated.

Play With Better Players

Another thing we will suggest you to do is play with better players. This is because if you keep on playing with players of your level, then you won’t learn anything new. Players that play better than you will help you with improving your game and learning new things. They will introduce you to things you wouldn’t even knew existed before. In short, playing with better players is always better than playing with the same leveled players.

Stay Patient

The final thing we will tell you is to stay patient. You will not become a professional player overnight. In fact, you will have to spend days just to learn the basics of the time. Therefore, just keep on playing and you’ll eventually get where you want to.