The Brazilian team MIBR has released the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) configurations of its players. In a video made by Movistar Riders, an organization of esports that received the athletes to bootcamp in Madrid.

The pro players were in Madrid to train before Major IEM Katowice 2019 . We have summarized the published settings of some of the MIBR athletes, such as details on screen resolution, DPI mouse, sensitivity, and audio. See below.


Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo is 27 years old and plays Counter-Strike competitively since version 1.5 and 1.6. According to him, he has a total of more than 20 thousand hours played in different versions of the game. The most notable teams at FalleN were Luminosity Gaming, SK Gaming and MIBR. FalleN won two Majors: one for LG and one for SK. The player’s data is in the following table.


  • 3D Audio (CS: GO)- Able
  • Digital Vibrance (NVIDIA settings)- 100
  • Gamma (NVIDIA settings)- 1.08
  • Zoom Sensitivity -1.2
  • Sensitivity in CS: GO- 2.2 a 2.1
  • Mouse DPI- 400
  • Resolution- 1024×768 (4: 3, stretched)

FalleN says that in the video settings of CS: GO it disables virtually all options, such as anti-aliasing and shaders. It activates multi-core rendering because the option makes all processor cores used in the game.


João “Felps” Vasconcellos is 22 years old and plays CS since 2006. According to the athlete, more than 9 thousand hours were invested in the game. Felps played for Immortals teams SK Gaming and was scheduled to be the fifth MIBR player in January 2019. Below are the player settings.


  • Sensitivity in CS: GO- 1.9
  • Mouse DPI- 400
  • Resolution-1920×1080 (16: 9)

He does not change the game’s audio settings. As for the video settings, Felps uses them all in low quality, except for the quality of the shadows, which is high.


Fernando “fer” Alvarenga is 27 years old and has been in CS since 1.6. Fer counts a total of 6 thousand hours in CS: GO, considerably less than his teammates. Fer is one of the oldest members of the FalleN team and has passed Luminosity Gaming, SK Gaming, and currently MIBR. Fer is also two-time Major champion, conquered alongside FalleN.


  • Sharpness (NVIDIA settings)- 5
  • Contrast (NVIDIA settings)- 58
  • Brightness (NVIDIA settings)- 98
  • Digital Vibrance (NVIDIA settings)- 15
  • Sensitivity in CS: GO- 2.5
  • Mouse DPI- 400

Fer said it does not change the audio settings of CS: GO. For video, pro player prioritizes the performance of the game, so configure all options as little as possible.


Marcelo “coldzera” David is 24 years old and claims that he had 10,000 hours in CS 1.6 and another 10,000 in CS: GO, which gives him a total of 20 thousand hours, as well as FalleN. The player was voted the best in the world for two consecutive times in 2016 and 2017. In addition to the MIBR, cold passed by LG and SK teams, and was also present during the conquest of the two Major titles.


  • Digital Vibrance (NVIDIA settings)- 100
  • Sensitivity in CS: GO- 1.1
  • Mouse DPI-800
  • Resolution- 1280×960 (4: 3 stretched)