Since CS:GO was released, Valve has released various updates for it. Through these updates, they have made various improvements and changes to the game. Some of them have added new features to the game, while others have brought fixes for different bugs and glitches that were bothering players. However, there are some updates that are not well received by players. The same goes for an update that was released a few days back for CS:GO.

A few days back, Valve released a brand new patch for their shooter title, CS:GO. Many players were waiting for this patch to arrive for the past few weeks as it was meant to improve the game. However, while the patch was meant to focus mainly on a UI refresh and a series of agent skin patches through which players could make their characters look better, it also changed something else in the game.

The latest patch of CS:GO that was of around 600mb also kind of made some changes to the AWP. That’s right, this was in the miscellaneous changes of the update, and players failed to notice it. However, it has actually affected the AWP crouching acceleration. Although the change doesn’t seem big at first, it is something that has other effects that can ruin the game.

Recently, Kenny ‘kennyS” Schrub, one of the most popular figures in CS:GO belonging to G2 Esports talked about why he doesn’t like the latest AWP update. For those who don’t know, this player is one of the game’s best AWPers. This is the very reason why he talked about the update because it had an effect on his gameplay and the gameplay of anyone who is a fan of using the said sniper rifle in the game.

KennyS simply claimed that after trying the new update, he doesn’t like it at all. He added that Valve simply wanted to make it slower, and as the crouching movement has always remained something big for an AWPer, this change is pretty big. This is mainly because many professional players who use the AWP don’t think about rushing. They mainly spend most of their time crouched. And slowing down this option has definitely affected the way AWPers play.

The G2 Esports star also agreed that it feels extremely weird while balancing the stop-start movement after the patch. He even made a few jokes about this in which he claimed that wielding the game’s heavy machine gun seems much faster and that Valve’s next step is to remove the scope.

In any case, fans are now currently wondering what Valve is going to do about this. The developers are yet to make a statement about this, and we currently don’t know if they even will. The recent change has affected a lot of players in the game, so Valve must do something about this soon. Professional players are now even complaining about it.