Faze Clan officially announced their CSGO roster to complete after hiring the Danish player, Kjaerbye. The organization made an official announcement through Twitter about the joining of the new star. The 22-year-old star kept his options open for everyone, last month. The player left a very famous CSGO team, North, in July. Kjaerbye served with North for two years with his whole Danish squad. He didn’t played any single professional match since May due to health reasons. 


Change in the Roster

Faze hired a 16-year-old professional CSGO player, Bymas, in it. He has served the team in four tournaments since May. Kjaerbye is going to replace Aurimas ‘Bymas’ Pirpiras to play with Faze. Bymas served the team when Swedish star Olofmeister left the team due to illness. He became the substitute and now, Kjaerbye officially replaced him. Similarly, Bymas eventually joined Mousesports CSGO roster to participate in the pro scene. 

Kjaerbye’s History

Kjaerbye now gets the chance to prove himself as he returns to the CSGO pro scene. He can now play at the highest level of competitive CSGO. Kjaerbye witnessed a lot of titles in his CSGO professional career. He played with Astralis in January 2017 when the team won the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major. His performance in this tournament got him nominated for the MVP of the event. However, in 2018, Kjaerbye shocked the whole community of CSGO by moving to the biggest rivals of Astralis, North. He then played with the team for a long time and proved himself during that time. 

The player just joined the team and he still has to regain the lost form after the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major. Kjaerbye became the best player in North for 2018 and 2020. His exceptional performance lifted up the team for several titles. North is currently hanging in the situation for so long. The team is witnessing bad and good moments simultaneously. Kjaerbye balanced a high rating during his last 12 months’ performance. According to HLTV’s statistics, the player balanced an average of 1.08. This figure is quite big and not easy to maintain. 

ESL One Cologne Europe

Kjaerbye is all set to start his new career with Faze. The Danish player will start his professional career with Faze in a very prestigious tournament. Kjaerbye will play his first match with Faze in the ESL One Cologne Europe, which will start next week. Faze will also compete against other world-class teams in the tournament. In the opening round of group B, Faze competes with more than five teams. The list includes teams like Heroic, G2, Astralis, Vitality, and Fnatic. Fans are expecting a very exciting tournament as Faze is about to test its new roster against world-class teams. We can only wait and find out how much it benefitted Faze by removing its main player and hiring Kjaerbye to its replacement. 

The ESL One Cologne: Europe is going to kick off next week and Faze is all set to try out its new roster.