Started a week ago, FACEIT Major of London has already seen eight teams eliminated from the title race. However, even though 32 games have already been played, Valve has just updated its game to solve a major bug that prevented some players from hearing footsteps.

Technical Problems

For Valve, this FACEIT Major in London has indeed started very badly. According to messages shared by some members of the teams competing in the tournament, the delay of several hours on the first day was due to technical problems within the game lobby. The developers had then worked hard to correct this issue of of the game, and the update was dedicated exclusively for the Major.


Sound Problems

Moreover, the headphones that were provided by the organizer had defects. On the third day of competition, FACEIT had to replace all the headphones used in the game. That was done to meet the demands of the players that complained about the poor quality of the old ones.

However, once these issues were solved, the players quickly discovered another problem related to the gameplay. In some cases the players were unable to hear the footsteps of the enemy. Thus, several players have publicly complained about this problem that prevents them to perform properly in the game. Players like Shahzeb ” ShahZaM ” Khan or Nicolai ” Dev1ce ” Reedtz have openly criticized the event on Twitter.

It was during the night of  Tuesday that Valve development team implemented an update in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In this one, the developers have thus added a simple command: mp_footsteps_serverside , active by default and clearing the problem og the sound of the steps on a private client/ server to the authority of the server.

This update should solve the problems of sound for the next two weeks of competition of FACEIT Major London. However this bug is not the only one to have been reported by the players who complain about computers not allowing them to play on the optimal FPS. It will be necessary to wait until Thursday to see if measures have been taken to offer players and spectators the best possible experience in the competition.

Legends Stage Begins at FACEIT Major

After two days of break from the end of the Challenger phase, it’s time for the competition to jump to the next level. The top eight from the previous phase are joined by eight more teams that had the Legend status from the previous Major in Boston. Sixteen teams will compete in the format, as same as in the Challenger Stage.

The competition in the New Legends Stage will take place from 12 to 16 September. The event will take place from September 20 to 23 in the tournament ladder of a single elimination.