The prestigious magazine, Forbes has published its list of the 600 most influential pioneers in the United States and Canada. In the list there are some names of electronic sports such as Stewie2k, Doublelift, Notail, and Ninja.

The ’30 under 30 ‘ list of Forbes shows 30 under 30s divided into 20 different industries. The list range from science to education through music, marketing and the gaming sector, where we can find names like mentioned above. In addition to the president of eSports team TSM, Aileena Xu, the brand new player of Smash Bros for Echo Fox, Jason ‘Mew2king’ Zimmerman and  Lauren ‘Godness’ Williams, the player of Rainbow Six for Cloud 9 are also mentioned on the list.

Doublelift making NA LCS proud

Bjergsen made his appearance in the previous edition of the list.In this edition appears one of his companions in TSM, Doublelift. The Team Liquid’s shooter is one of the great names of the American scene. The star of the LCS NA, having conquered the last three splits of summer with three different clubs, and champion of three splits of consecutive way, took Team Liquid to its first world championship of League of Legends.


Credits: Doublelift

Ninja conquering stages

Alongside Doublelift,  Ninja also appear on the list of celebrities, and that is surely a special moment for Richard Tyler Blevins. This former professional player of Halo decided to try his luck with battle royale and streaming, and with the eSports title, Fortnite has become the undisputed king of Twitch, destroying any previous record of online audiences and creating new ones.

Stewie2k the master

Jacky ‘Stewie2k’ Yip also deserves a special mention, who despite suffering a significant drop in global level after his arrival at SK Gaming and now MiBR,  was one of the main names of 2017 with great achievements with Cloud9, which led to the triumph of ELEAGUE Major of Boston last January.


Credits: DreamHack

Notail deserves his place

Johan ‘ Notail ‘ Sundstein, or BigDaddyNotail, has not yet played in the season of the Dota Pro Circuit. OG did not had an impressive run at The International 7 last year, and couldn’t get good results since the beginning of the year. Then, if that was not bad enough, the close friend of Notail and co-founder OG Tal ‘ Fly ‘ Aizak and a teammate, Gustav ‘ S4’ Magnusson left the team to join Evil Genius. OG did not seem to have a clue to what will happen of this year’s TI.

What happened afterwards was a real success story and ended up in the book of Dota 2 history. OG won TI8 and $ 11 million in the most unexpected way. They made their way from the Open Qualifiers, and then topped the 100% finish at the top. In the finals, they made an impressive comeback and eventually conquered the Aegis of Champion.

BigDaddyNotail Forbes

Credits: DreamLeague

This exception performance has also been noticed by Forbes. Forbes is an American publishing and media company. It is most prominent publicist of the bi-weekly Forbes magazine – the oldest business magazine in America.

Recognizing N0tail’s performance, Forbes also named him the list of 30 most influential people under the age of 30 in the gaming world.