The Counter-Strike community got into another scandal as the Esports Integrity Commission banned 7 professional players for getting involved in betting offenses. The Commission already gave a ban to 37 coaches in the game for abusing the spectator game for months. A lot of professional players now receive a ban from the ESIC for another cheating scandal in the game.

Seven Players to receive the Ban

The Esports Integrity Commission has released a report about seven professional players in the game to get a 12 months ban. The players receive this ban for involving in several betting offenses. The list of the players by the ESIC includes seven Australian MDL players. The majority of the players are from Team Rooster and Rooster 2. However, there are players from other teams as well. Two members of the list are from Team Lakers and Team Ground Zero Gaming. 

The list of the seven players includes Stephen ‘stvn’ Anastasi from Team Lakers, Daryl ‘Mayker’ May from Team Ground Zero, Carlos ‘Rackem’ Jefferys from Team Rooster 2, Corey ‘netik’ Browne from Team Rooster, Akram ‘akram’ Smida from Team Rooster, Damian ‘JD’ Simonovic from Team Rooster 2, and Joshua ‘jhd’ Hough-devine from Team Rooster 2.

The report also says that some of these professionals had placed bets on the matches they were participating in.

Banned Tournaments

Along with a long year ban to the professionals, the ESIC slaps the seven players from prohibiting them to participate in multiple tournaments for CSGO. The players would not be able to enter any tournament that has a back of the ESIC. Similarly, these professionals are also not allowed to compete in DreamHack, ESL, BLAST, WePlay!, LVP, NODWIN Gaming, and Eden Esports. 

Law Enforcement

The ESIC also forwards this matter to law enforcement as the organization thinks that the players might have crossed the criminal codes in certain points across Australia. The ESIC also says that the investigations of the players are quite complex. As law enforcement enters the case, the commission is looking at the case more thoroughly. The organization will release the investigation reports as soon as the matter finishes. They are just waiting for the law enforcement stakeholders to look at the matter closely and pass a final verdict. 

ESIC’s Advice and Fans reaction

The ESIC advises each professional player in the game to refrain from entering into any kind of betting scene. The organization asks the players to respect the integrity of esports and behave accordingly. 

Similarly, fans are happy with the decision of the commission. As these rules are solid for any professional, the commission took the case in the right way. CSGO is going through a lot of controversies these days. The ESIC has tightened the rules for the game and given bans to different professionals. At first, the commission gave bans to 37 coaches and now these 7 professionals got a one-year penalty. With this much drama going on in the professional CSGO scene, who knows what to expect next.