The famous Brazillian team MIBR has been all over the news in the professional CS: GO circle regarding the violence against other players, using the social pressure to get favorable decisions, and much more. MIBR is also accused of not sportsmanlike behavior and false tactics. Most of the Brazillian teams have repelled MIBR as the team represents the whole country and most of all, its name is MIBR (Made in Brazil). Other professionals are worried about the image of the country and stand against the team.

What did MIBR do?

The team has been involved in serious violations of code of conduct from the previous few weeks. The violations included racist comments towards the black people, threats to kill the other team players, and a lot of social bullying. Moreover, there have been no apologies ever since by the team regarding these matters. MIBR stands its ground as none of the team members posted anything about the turn of events. 

Also, the CS: GO community has given the team a title of toxic. Even fans consider the team the most toxic team in the sport. 

Recent Events

MIBR has been constantly proving to be the most toxic team in the scene. As of its recent series against the fellow Brazillian team FURIA, the match was live and FURIA took a kill before MIBR could call out “Not Live”. This created chaos and MIBR demanded a match restart. The FURIA team players left the scene and let their coach and CEO decide about the situation. While the discussion was on, thousands of MIBR fans threatened the CEO of FURIA to restart the round.

As of the pressure, the CEO sought help from the admins of the tournament but they refused to jump into the matter and left the decision on FURIA’s entire staff. The CEO then decided to restart the round and MIBR secured victory. MIBR then celebrated on Twitter by posting about FURIA and using the word “shit” for the team. 

Yesterday’s Match

After all this drama, FURIA got the chance to face MIBR once again yesterday. The teams faced each other in the lower bracket of CS Summit 6. As a result, FURIA dominated the series and picked a 2-0 victory over MIBR. The players from FURIA played one of the most aggressive matches of their career as they were all set for revenge. After the defeat of MIBR, one more serious issue got resolved very easily.

As most of the players felt unsafe in matchmaking against MIBR in Brazil, the upcoming ESL One Rio Major in Brazil is already considering the decision of inviting the team. Most of the players are happy and claim that their problem has been resolved automatically. As MIBR lost, it is extremely difficult for the team to qualify for the Rio Major as a lot of teams would have to witness worse losses for it to qualify. Although if the team still wants to attend the tournament, it can surely do so but only after buying the tickets and sitting in the audience.