Nicolai  Reedtz popular as ‘dev1ce,’ the legendary CS:GO player in a sudden move has left Danish organization Astralis and joined Ninjas in Pyjamas. He spent thrilling 6+ years with Astralis and became the focus of CS:GO esports all over the world.

The fans are shocked beyond measures as it was never in the craziest of imaginations of anyone. Astralis suffered a major drop in late 2020 stretched to 2021. The whispers had gone loud about a change in preparation. However, no one ever expected that dev1ce would join Ninjas in Pyjamas and leave Astralis entirely.

Dev1ce was a star player at Astralis, and for fans, Astralis was all about dev1ce. However, Nicolai  Reedtz made a decision to no more remain in Astralis and submitted a personal request for his acquittal, Astralis revealed. He expressed his desire to work outside Stockholm but remain joined in a team and organization near to him.

It is hard for Astralis to see dev1ce leave. Therefore, the Director of Sports in Astralis, Kasper Hvidt said that dev1ce has always been the core of the team and a part of Astralis since the start. The culture and legacy of the team have existed because of him. He has been a remarkable player and a high performer. His departure is not an easy shift for a team and an organization.

 Because of his exceptional abilities and dedication to Astralis, we have decided to accept his departure and help him to shift to Ninjas in Pyjamas. Dev1ce wanted to shift somewhere close to his home in Stockholm. He asked the director to find the possibilities about it happening because it was the best suitable option for him. They contacted Ninjas in Pyjamas and studied the possibilities of dev1ce counter strike shifting to their platform and they agreed.

At this moment of shock and surprise, dev1ce expressed his gratitude to Astralis for understanding his request and making it possible for him to shift smoothly to NiP. He truly believes in NiP and is looking forward to giving them his full potential and maintain a balanced work life. He is eager to show at the new team with his new counter strike teammates.

Astralis and NiP both agreed on not disclosing the financial details.   However, the Swedish firm confirms a three-year contract with dev1ce and the buyout deal is a lump sum of 1 million.

Dev1ce is a famous player of CS:GO who prides on an unshakeable position as an outstanding performer among the world-class talented team.

Lately, the performance of the Astralis team has not been up to their popular high standards, yet NiP expects dev1ce to perform big and become their new superstar. As soon as the announcement was made esports official, NiP benched nawwk, ready for transfer.

Who can deny the fabulous history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the arena of esports? The news of dev1ce acquittal of Astralis comes as a huge shock for the fans. Lewis puts the shift into words describing it as the biggest change ever seen in the history of CS:GO

People had speculations that Astralis would make changes to fix the drop in its performance but hardly anyone expected to see dev1ce leaving the organization. He expresses his despair and says Astralis is completely ruined.