It seems like a lot of new updates are going to come for CSGO in the near future as a lot of leaks talk about the matter. These leaks claim that the competitive shooter is going to witness three new game modes for the players and multiple other changes in Source 2. However, this is not authentic news but only based on the leaks.

The Three Mode

A lot of rumors are coming out for the three new expected modes in the game. As the Portuguese CSGO professional Nuno ‘BhT-’ Silva tweets about the matter as well. According to his post, the three new game modes are going to be Heist, Retake, and 1v1/2v2. Heist mode is similar to the very famous video game, Payday. 

Along with these three new game modes, CSGO might also witness three new maps remake. These remakes may include Mirage, Office, and Tuscan. Tuscan is in the news for about several months now. The leak about its remake came out earlier. 

Moreover, the leak also talks about the Danger Zone to get several edits.

Source 2 Port

Several other rumors are coming about Source 2, as they say, that Source 2 is almost done. This leads us to the point to expect a huge Source 2 update in a few months. There are a lot of chances that the new updates will come soon in the scene. 

Another important leak about the game says that CSGO will now get annual operations from now on. This means that fans can now enjoy a new operation every year. The last operation in CSGO came out in November 2019. This means that 2020 is the best time to release another mission and make it a habit. Therefore, fans can expect a new operation next month. 

Valve’s Response

As the rumors catch fire, Valve does not bother to give any kind of response to any of them. Fans are currently posting queries about these leaks, all over social media. However, Valve is not giving any reply at the moment. If these rumors are true, then Source 2 is definitely going to come back from the dead state. 

A lot of rumors about massive updates in the game have put the fans in thinking. Most of them are considering the leaks as true and actually waiting for the updates to come out next month. However, the official developers do not speak anything about it. If Source 2 is actually going to receive an update in the upcoming months, CSGO will definitely bring back the players and audience count it lost in the few months. The three modes in the leaks look super amazing and the CSGO scene will revive again. The changes in maps are also going to be a big part of the update. Most fans are waiting for Valve to give an insight into the authenticity of the leaks and rumors. However, Valve still has no answers for the fans. READ MORE