Another update for CS:GO went live on June 10 where six maps experienced significant changes trying to help improve player spot the enemies. To help with visibility another visual setting has additionally been added and it has been enabled by default.

Since the release of the CS:GO back in 2012, player characters mixing into the environment of the map remained an issue in the game. Changing the presentation of player’s skins in one of the updates didn’t help fix the visibility at all. This issue can make battling a few players from far away, really a bad dream.  

Valve focuses on making CSGO characters simpler to spot regardless of where they are, with a flock of changes in the maps and some visual updates.

Changes in maps

Six maps in CS:GO have undergone significant design changes in the latest update. Dust 2, Mirage, Cache, and Overpass got the most fixes of all the other maps. 

Dust 2

The doorways to B site in the Dust 2 has been flipped, changing the manner in which players can utilize the boxes. To improve player differentiation from the environment, A Ramp has likewise been raised.

Similarly, there is a simplified background when looking from B tunnels towards the truck in mid. Moreover, a changed fog starts to distance from 1000 to 512 and there is a changed max density from .2 to .4 to better spot the opponents.


The heap of trash at the highest point of mid in Mirage is no more there, while the lighting in the market received a boost as well. Then the plants placed in the T Spawn towards the apartment received some trimming.

There was a silent dropdown bug at the B site balcony which needed a fix and has got one in the recent update along with the angle of the ladder in the ladder-room.


Ladder to the Sniper’s Nest in Cache has been supplanted by a small wooden container, while different shading changes pushed live now. Several important angles got a cleanup and 1v1 arenas added on the map as well.

Cargo containers replaced with newer containers to improve performance. The visibility in the T Spawn entrance towards the A-main fixed. Meanwhile, unwanted wall bang in the Mid Shed and numerous clippings fixed along with other optimizations on the map.


At long last, on Overpass, the enormous ivy models close to washrooms by the A site and thin windows in the same washrooms evacuated. The bicycle close to the picnic by the A long removed to tidy up the war zone.   

The connector tunnel and the T Spawn are lit up and some nice stone trims added to the map.

Inferno & Train

Inferno and Train additionally got some minor updates. The Train the map received new bumpers with a flat top. While the ivy model by CT Spawn towards A site arch is shortened a bit. And last but not least, there is a fix for CSM shadow from the tower in mid.

“Boost Player Contrast” setting to spot enemies

In certain areas, such as while exploring the Tunnels on Dust 2, players can be outrageously difficult to spot. The shadows, lighting, and the character models themselves look like your opponents’ mix into the environment of the map. Valve is hoping to fix this by including another differentiation setting.

Valve expressed in their blogpost that in order to improve character read over all the maps and areas, we’ve worked on another graphics setting named “Lift Player Contrast” enabled by default.    

Additionally, they stated that it builds the character’s differentiation against the backgrounds when viewed from far away. It also reinforces edge pixels for characters at far distances and makes a little haze around a character to diminish background commotion and makes a little differentiating corona around a character when there is no shading distinction between the character and the environment.