Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s most recent update changed its two freshest guides, Swamp and Mutiny, while additionally fixing a few bugs on the famous Cache. 

The latest Update

CSGO’s most recent update made upgrades to Swamp, with developers concentrating on improving the guide’s presentation and generally interactive stream. Swamp saw the most significant changes in the update, with a fresh out of the box new radar surface included just as the expansion of another way that players can use to rapidly move from the guide’s central region to its raised focus connect region. 

Sound Changes

The headshot points that made players hard to see behind the guide’s numerous boats were additionally changed. By raising the landscape underneath the vessels, players’ heads can be all the more effectively selected from the guide’s green foundations.

A couple of bug fixes for Swamp additionally came through. Since its delivery, the guide sometimes wouldn’t show the sprinkle sprites when a player strolled through the wet and muggy pieces of Swamp. After the update, these now show accurately. Also, developers brought down the sound of its background considerably. At its past volume, the croaking frogs and different sounds could be sufficiently loud to cover the footsteps of the enemies and CSGO’s grenade sounds. 

Indeed, even with the guide’s adjustments, this change has the biggest potential to influence how the guide plays. With player-set off audio effects like pulling the trigger on an explosive now plainly discernible, players ought to be found napping on the guideless regularly.


Mutiny was delivered close by Swamp in the game’s July update, and it additionally observed a few changes in this fix. Developers have made a few changes to the game flow, concentrating especially on the guide’s comprehensibility. Mutiny’s color scheme and lighting once in a while made choosing adversary players with Agent skins hard to do against the guide’s energetic foundations. To help fix this, the whole lighting was marginally changed to assist players with bettering recognized companions from the enemy. 

The A site

They additionally eliminated a portion of the vines and foliage from the wall on A site. Presently, characters stand apart obviously against the divider as opposed to mixing into it. That specific divider changes once more, with acclimations to its edge and stature to permit players to draw in adversaries around it simpler.

At last, developers trained in Cache. The rundown of changes to the well-known guide is little, however incorporates fixes for two game-breaking bugs that players have encountered on the guide. The primary change at last fixed models showing up through surfaces when remaining in a Molotov in obscurity. Now and then players could be seen through dividers because of the connection between certain shadows and a Molotov’s blazes, particularly when trapped in the cubby under T support. Presently the cubby’s Molotov should work as engineers proposed and not as an inadvertent divider hack.