After repeated community demands, Counter-Strike Global Offensive has released a new update that introduced an anti-cheat system and a trusted mode. The latest update brings a lot of new things for the players. However, the new anti-cheat system has been causing trouble ever since it came out. 

Trusted Mode

The new trusted mode has been causing troubles as a lot of players have reported about it. Some of the reports said that the new mode blocks a large number of external processes that interact with the game. Thus, this caused a lot of players to restart CSGO. Also, a few players faced an issue where restarting the game didn’t work and they had to close the offending external program as well. 

Disable Trusted Mode

As much as the new safe mode provides a sense of security and fair play, there are bugs in it that are preventing the players from match-making. You can disable the trusted mode and a lot of players actually did that in order to run the game smoothly. You can disable the mode of CSGO by using “-untrusted” in the game launch options in Steam. However, Valve does not recommend disabling the mode. If you disable the mode, it will reduce your trust factor in the match-making also it will prevent you from accessing any VAC enabled servers. This eventually results in abnormal match-making.

Problems of Trusted Mode

Valve and Hidden Path have taken a bizarre decision by releasing the trusted mode. There are plenty of unofficial game modes available for CSGO that players download and run in the game. With safe mode enabled, these downloaded modes cannot work. Multiple custom game modes and community servers have been the basic pillars of CSGO. When you enable the trusted mode, then you cannot have access to the custom game modes.

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Another major issue highlighted by the players is the third-party software, the community is using. Players are using software like Discord, OBS, Nvidia game filter, and Spotify and trusted mode is falling for them. These software programs have no impact on the game and still, the mode is causing trouble for players. Similarly, few players reported that the mode will not report the software causing the problem and would just block the game. This means that the players are being stopped from playing the game and they don’t even know what is the cause. 

A lot of players also reported a huge performance loss due to trusted mode. Even if some of them made it to match-making, their game performance reduced. Although there is no proper solution to that yet, few suggested that closing extra programs resolved it. 

What can be done?

Unfortunately, there is nothing an individual player can do to resolve the issue to its full. However, it is the responsibility of the game developer to look at the trusted mode and make it flexible enough that it goes with any kind of system. Besides this, a lot of players are waiting for it to be resolved as Valve is still to release an official statement regarding the issue.