AWP is one of the most powerful weapons in CS:GO. However, you must have a good grip on this sniper rifle, so your opponents fear you. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips for budding AWP players. These tips are mostly synonymous for the other sniper rifles available in the game.

Everything starts with the right settings. Especially interesting for snipers is the setting for the mouse sensitivity in zoom mode. As you normally do not move the crosshairs in zoom, but you should make it 100%. Keeping in mind you have to find out which value is best for you. Of course, the described changes to the settings are only recommendations. You can use other settings if you can handle them better.

AWP aiming and training

Fortunately, aiming with the AWP is easier than with other weapons. Since a single shot in the upper body directly kills the opponent, you do not have to do much effort on AWP. You will have much more hit area available. Only hits on arms, legs and through walls are not enough to kill your opponents with a single blow. Good aiming is still an important factor, as you can get into trouble if you do not kill your opponent on the first shot.


Credits: Esports-betting-tips

As always, you should not run while shooting, otherwise, the shot will not be accurate. When using a sniper rifle this inaccuracy is because the crosshair in zoom mode starts to blur as soon as you move.

Of course, only a lot of practice helps to improve the accuracy with the AWP. For example, playing Deathmatch exclusively with AWP is a training option because you have many opponents in many different situations.

You just have to shoot the moving moves, but only do so when you are sure that you will one-shot your target. Sometimes the opponent tries to provoke a shot. If you miss the shot, then the opponent has some space and time to capitalize and that can be dangerous.

If an opponent suddenly shows up in front of you, then you should take the risk and try to eliminate the opponent with a “No-Scope”, i.e. a shot without using the riflescope. On very short distances you still have a good chance to hit your opponent. Alternatively, you can quickly get the gun out and defend yourself with it.


Positioning and mobility

Good positioning is important for snipers. If you want to defend or intercept an opponent, then you should position yourself behind a corner or a cover so that you have a favorable angle and reveal as little of yourself as possible. It’s about getting an advantage through good positioning. In addition, if possible, you should also have a retreat if a shot goes wrong or the opponents want to overrun you.

With good AWP players, you can often see that they only aim through a small gap where the opponent can appear. With a good reaction time and a lot of talent, you can keep the gap very small and thus reduce your own visibility and hit area to a minimum.