We have compiled the list of the CSGO players who have built the largest fan base on social media.
With the growth of CSGO as an eSports title, more and better players have come to light, but of course, many veterans are still close to the scene. As there are also those who have more than ten years of past with the different versions of the game. If you spend a lot of time on the top, or you’ve been in the best of the best for a long time, then you are sure to get a lot of fans on your side.

Here are the six most popular CSGO players. The figures include the number of Twitter, Facebook and Twitch followers.

6. Tyler”Skadooodle” Latham

CSGO Player


  • Twitter: 369,000
  • Facebook: 27,000
  • Twitch: 129,000

Strange but one of the nicest CSGO players has been added to the list. Cloud9’s AWPer rarely gives time to social media. His fanbase is purely based on his exceptional skills in the game.

5. Epitaph “Taco” De Melo

CSGO player

Credits: Tiltreport

  • Twitter: 370 thousand
  • Facebook: 197 thousand
  • Twitch: 177 thousand

He was a member of the star lineups of Luminosity and SK. Alongside his other teammates, he managed to win two back to back major titles and seems like it was enough to get him a huge fan base. TACO has parted ways with FalleN and is currently playing in Liquid. He is one of the most successful and popular Brazilian players ever.

4. Kenny “Kennys” Schrub

CSGO Player - Kenny

Credits: CSGOWallpapers

  • Twitter: 415,000
  • Facebook: 226,000
  • Twitch: 255,000

He is considered amongst the best AWPers of all time, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that his fan base is huge. While there are players who are arguably superior to him in numbers, it is worth noting that he typically is the player whose name has been heard by everyone following the game. So regardless of the number of Twitter followers, he is one – if not the most popular – CSGO player in the world.

3. Fernando “Fer” Alvarenga

CSGO Players list - Fer

Credits: HLTV

  • Twitter: 421,000
  • Facebook: 192,000
  • Twitch: 188,000

Among the top three ranked players are from the team MIBR, FER was part of the SK lineup that won back to back majors in 2016. Fer holds the third place in this owing to his attractive and aggressive playing style.

2. Marcelo “Coldzera” David

Credits: CSGO

  • Twitter: 469,000
  • Facebook: 188,000
  • Twitch: 151,000

The best CSGO player in 2016-2017 was not able to capture the throne, nonetheless, he is one of the best CSGO players of all time.

1. Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo

Credits: CSGOWallpapers

  • Twitter: 838,000
  • Facebook: 473,000
  • Twitch: 634,000

The first place has been awarded to FalleN, who has an astonishing fan base on all platforms. He is a living legend of CSGO in Brazil. He truly deserves the love of his fans owing to his near perfect playing style and exceptional tactics over the years.