Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released a new patch on 17th August 2020, with players expecting a huge bug to be removed. The bug contained a game-breaking wallhack exploit that can get around VAC. Unfortunately, the bug still remains there as the new patch failed to remove it. 

How it Discovered

The new wallhack bug ruined the last week for CSGO players. The bug became famous when different YouTubers posted about it. The first Youtuber to post about it, ‘Sparkles’, shared all the details about the bug on August 12. 

The professionals have found that this new bug is the varied form of the older one. The bug allowed players to load CSGO without executing the VPK files. Without the files, players got the chance to overwrite certain files to break the game. This eventually provided them full control over the boosted sound, wallhacks, and more. 

How it can be Used

The exploit is extremely easy to use. Ironically, it can easily bypass the command ‘sv_pure’, that is needed to get into matchmaking. The exploit is easier to approach and has much more power. All you need to do is, replace the previous CSGO VPK files with your custom files. 

There are plenty of things available that you can easily change through VPK files in CSGO. You can change how the sound structure works in the game, making the sound more audible for you to hear the enemies more precisely. You can also select if smoke should render on your screen or not. Similarly, you can also choose to make the entire model of the player show through the walls. This provides you the world’s best wallhack and you can easily cheat around. 

To bypass the ‘sv_pure’ check while matchmaking, you can create a key bind that will spam the pure command in order to bypass the check. 

How to crack it down

The exploit is really strong that it can easily surpass all the VAC checks while matchmaking. It is impossible to detect it through FACEIT or ESEA’s anti-cheat. Of course, only Valve or Overwatch themselves can remove this exploit from the game manually. It seems impossible to track it down and remove it otherwise. 

Valve released the new patch on 17th August and most of the players hoped for the bug to be fixed. However, the update contained nothing like that. 

We have already witnessed exploits in the past in CSGO. The last bug got patched out so quickly as Sparkles left a video about it on YouTube. This new exploit is a hard job to do. It might take a few days for CSGO to come back to normal. 

To help the community, if you suspect someone or know someone who is using the exploit, you can report them. You can report through the in-game report function for wallhacks. The VAC might not catch the culprit but it is still better than doing nothing.