Valve has been updating the CounterStrike GO maps quite frequently in the recent past and there are now several changes made to more than one map this time. In the update released late in March, an active duty map Pool was removed and was replaced by Vertigo, during which EZ4ENCE Music kit and Feral Predators Sticker Capsules were released too.

Now as Vertigo got promoted to an active duty map Valve has made many changes in it. In addition to that some more changes were made to the map Abbey. Developers continue to play with the balance of the map as a number of changes have been made to the two maps.

In addition to changes in the map, Valve has made some noteworthy fixes in the game. Even the old Nuke got a fix in this update. In Vertigo, the visibility from B side of the map has been improved towards the T stairs, clipping issues and a few other issues were fixed this time. Meanwhile, in Abbey the developers has included a fence on the B side and removed a wheelbarrow along with a lot more changes. Let’s see the changes made to the CSGO maps in detail below:


The only change made in Nuke is that there was a C4 stuck point outside Nuclear Silo which has been fixed.


Most of the changes are made to Vertigo, the newly added map to the Active Duty. The Red Fence section on top of A ramp has now been replaced. The pixel gaps on the bombsite boxes are fixed. Stairs pit on the floor of B side is raised by 64 units while the wallbang damage is reduced from the Counter Terrorist elevator room towards Terrorist entrance to mid of the map.

There in an increased height of the concrete base on A site made for Crane. There is an improved visibility from B site towards the Terrorist stairs and there is an extra cover on the right side while exiting the stairs to B site exiting window. Pixel gap which was quite evident from Terrorist Spawn toward the B catwalk are fixed, similarly, minor gaps between tarp sections on the framework are fixed as well.

In addition to that the accidental boost on the framework at the A ramp is fixed as well. The weapons keep on getting dropped underneath the A ramp and the A site crane, both the discrepancies have been fixed. Block has been applied on the players from going on the outside of ibeams in the Terrorist Spawn. And also, collision at the top of the framework is simplified and lastly a number of clipping bugs are fixed.


Another map getting significant changes is Abbey. The gate model placed at the B bombsite has been removed, while the fence along the B long has been reinstalled, and at the same place there was a wheelbarrow, which is removed now. In the new update a skybox has been opened at the B Bombsite which will allow grenades to be thrown from Upper Counter Terrorist Spawn and from the middle too.

The crates placed on the B bombsite have been rotated and a big crate has been placed. At the B long there is a tree added providing extra cover. The wooden building at the B site has been extended and the clipping has been improved. Moreover the radar image is updated while the tarp has been replaced with a model.