CS:GO is the kind of game that has been filled with bugs since its release. However, this is the case with almost every multiplayer game out there. Some of these bugs can be ignored, while others are just game-breaking. They are so annoying that they make it impossible for players to play the game properly. Even though the developers have tried their best to fix as many bugs as they can, they just can’t put an end to them. And now, a new bug has appeared on the surface that is crashing the game.

Recent CS:GO Update

Recently, Valve decided to release a new update for their shooter title. The update was meant to introduce some exciting new things to the game and even bring fixes for various bugs. For instance, the update added an enhanced customization option for agent skins which allowed players to have complete freedom over how their in-game character looks. Not only this, but the update also introduced some changes and improvements from the game’s UI.

While the update was meant to improve the game in many ways, it seems like it has kind of ruined it too. This is because along with bringing fixes for some bugs that are present in various sections of the game, it has slipped a new bug that is making it difficult for players to play the game. Because of the bug, players are forced to not buy the MAC-10 in the game.

New MAC-10 Bug

Recently, as soon as the latest patch of CS:GO went live, players started complaining about a new bug that was making it impossible for them to play their favorite game. The new bug was unexpectedly crashing players out of their matches as soon as they bough the T-Sides SMG. This pretty much confirmed that the bug was related to nothing other than this specific weapon.

Mac-10 error with new patch from GlobalOffensive

The big was first reported by a player who goes by the name Naschpitz on Reddit. As soon as the update went live, he made a post in which he urged players to no buy the MAC-10. The user claimed that with this new patch, if you use a skin on your MAC-10 and buy it during the game, CS:GO will close. He even asked players to remove their MAC-10 skins from their inventory for the time being until Valve issues a fix for it.

This further indicates that the bug will get triggered if you have a skin applied to your MAC-10. One thing to keep in mind here is that the bug will not close down the entire server for everyone. Instead, only your game will close after which you will get kicked out of the lobby. This can be quite frustrating considering you can get a competitive ban if your game crashes multiple times. Some users have found a way to avoid this bug. If you purchase the weapon right at the start of the weapon before the start of the round before the load-in animation is finished, your game will not crash. However, it can be difficult to do this every time.