Since CS:GO was released, Valve has never failed to release an update for it every month. The developers have always rolled out an update for their shooter title to keep players satisfied with it. Considering the game is one of the most popular esports titles out there, Valve has to make sure that the game is free of any game-breaking errors. This is why they always release updates that optimize the game for the better. In addition to this, these updates also bring new content to the game. And now, Valve has decided to release another update.

New CS:GO Update

Recently, Valve released a brand new update for CS:GO that is meant to improve CS:GO. The major update has brought some changes for the game’s UI and has introduced a new system for agent skins. In addition to this, it has brought fixes for various bugs that were present in various sections of the game.

For those who don’t know, Valve added agent skins in CS:GO some time ago in order to further enhance the gameplay experience of players. They have remained something important for everyone since their release. Not only this, but their level of customization even pleased almost every casual player. And now, thanks to the new system introduced in the latest patch, everyone will be able to personalize their skins however they want. This means that you will have complete freedom and control over how your in-game character looks. This is something that fans have requested for a long time, and their wish has finally been heard.

The patches that have been added to agent skins are basically stickers. However, they are for the body of the character. The first set of patches that have been introduced to the game are based on the fan-favorite sticker designs. These include Welcome to the Clutch, Operation and map stickers, and the Howl skin. At the moment, only these patches have been added to the game. However, fans should keep in mind that this is only the first set and that more will be added to the game with time.  The price of these patches is around $2, and interested players can purchase them from the in-game or the community market.

Changes to UI

Aside from this, Valve has made some changes to the UI of the game. For instance, they have added an equipped agent to the buy menu. In addition to this, the developers have now moved the display of them plausibility to the buy wheel. This is going to make things much more easier for players. Valve has also added localization support for the position of the currency symbol for in-game prices. In addition to this, there is now support for sharing and importing cross-hair sharing codes.

In any case, the update is surely amazing and your game is definitely going to improve once you install it. It has also fixed various bugs that were bothering a lot of players.