The final of the most viewed and the epic most Intel ® Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice ’19 carrying a legacy of 13 years was held last Sunday on March the 3rd, the fans present in the Spodek Arena and all the online spectators saw the CSGO show at a completely unreal level. It was Astralis winning their third major title of their career after a stunning 2-0 win over ENCE.

ENCE beating top tier teams

ENCE, first time entrants at a major event showed the world that you surely can achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. It all happened when the Finnish side made some phenomenal comebacks and beat Natus Vicere and Liquid but the Danish outfit, Astralis, proved to be a tough opponent for Aleski Virolainen’s (Aleskib) team.

The first map played was Train, a Russian territorial map, where the Finns were second from bottom since the pre-quarterfinals in the pistol round, even then they tear through the Danish defense quite easily in the first round. After losing the Save-Round, the Danish side replied with a resounding win in the next attempt.

ENCE reliving the hopes

Playing as Counter-Terrorists, ENCE got a lifeline after they had beaten their opponents in the Pistol Round, and Danish first buy attempt didn’t helped them either, but then they took chance at the half-buy and got onboard. After that Astralis kept on dominating the game and gave the attackers very little or no room at all to control the game as they want. Astralis gave at most two rounds till the end of the half and raced to a convincing lead of 11-4.

Astralis carried the momentum and lead ENCE with 14-7 until Jere Salo (sergej) managed a 1v2 clutch due to a blunder at their opposition’s end. ENCE then broke in and wit their double AWP setup kept blocking the Terrorists victory narrowing the gap on the score line to 14-11. The match got interesting with ENCE looked to pull off another comeback when in the 26thround Andreas Højsleth (Xyp9x) killed the game for CT with an outstanding 1v2 clutch and ended as the highest rated player of the map.

Astralis crushing all the way

Next up was Inferno, where the Danish outfit stunned their Finnish counterparts when Peter Rasmussen (dupreeh) and Nicolai Reedtz (device) rebuked ENCE in the pistol round. Astralis were persistent with their performances and completely astonished ENCE’s fragile defense forcing the opponent captain Aleksib to call for timeout as the score line mounted to 0-6.

After timeout, Finnish side came close to registering their first win owing to some astounding aggression leaving their opponent in a 2v4 situation in the banana area but Astralis hit them hard putting them under more pressure. ENCE were finally off the mark in the 11thround but it was too late for making a comeback with shattered confidence and at the half Astralis had a commanding lead of 14-1.

No hope left

After changing to Terrorists, ENCE had three more wins including the Pistol Round but Astralis responded as soon as they had enough money to respond, sealing a resounding win. This win means that they are now tied with Team Fnatic in terms of Major Titles, both of them are levelled at three major titles now.

The victory on Train was morale shattering for ENCE as they had not lost any match on Train since the EPICENTER ’18. Inferno on the other hand was Astralis home ground as they beat the Finns with a little effort, scaring their opponents as their score on Inferno is now 15-0. They have raised the bar already.