The latest CSGO fix update addressed a couple of gameplay changes and a huge amount of moves up to the grade of rendering. While it was consistently a matter of concern as the fans were seeking after Source 2, another game engine. Obviously, it stays a fantasy until further notice. The expansion of the Warhammer 40,000 sticker case might be a clue that another section in that franchise is in transit too.

Valve has consistently dealt with their flagship game Counter Strike Global Offensive throughout the years with intense care. On recent occasions, however, it has been seen it be cautious about the game. Most likely because of a new game called Valorant having a major influence in this approach. Up to this point, CSGO has had practically no opposition or danger to its height, yet a little rivalry is consistently required to keep things healthy.

CSGO fix update: Gameplay

Going to the fix update, there are a couple of minor changes that Valve introduced to the gameplay. The kill feed currently shows players killed by C4 blasts in every single game mode. Besides, players that freeze by game rationale will no longer take harm.   

Players are more averse to get stuck on mid-air explosives and are currently ready to stand up when squatted on another player’s bait grenade. What’s more, on all, grenades are more averse to stage through entryways when tossed into close by players and have improved impact when bobbing close to the ground around player’s feet.

CSGO fix update: User Interface

Moving ceaselessly to the UI updates from the gameplay updates, Valve has likewise acquired a large group of changes to the rendering for surfaces. Besides, players can likewise redo their main menu background view. 

There is another Anubis main menu movie introduced to the game. This likewise requires a path for clients to change their main menu background view. Essentially, Split stickers and patches limitation UI tokens to take into account better interpretations. Also, there is an extra appropriate HTML for custom stock item names when applying and scratching stickers. 

There is no murmur of the Source 2 game engine yet. How about we trust that Valorant’s fast-approaching release will propel Valve to work more earnestly towards it.