Recently Valve made some major changes in the new update released earlier in the month of March. Apart from gameplay and framework changes, there were changes in the AUG and the M4A1-S submachine gun. Similarly, there was an addition of a new chest, the “Prisma Case”. So, let’s go straight in to exploring CS:GO skins in the new chest.


If a low priced skin is required, it is recommended to go for the uncharted skin for AK-47. It has a tribal wooden look which looks amazing and is considered one of the best skins in the chest.

Galil AR|Akoben

The zebra like rust colored skin, Galil AR Akoben, is a good and cheap choice for a starter rifle.


Verdigris is a simple skin with copper base topped with green rust color giving P250 a distinctive look.


Valve has introduced a new skin for AWP. It has blue and green colors, and a serpent in the same shade coiled over its base and the scope.

Desert Eagle|Light Rail

Light Rail, as the name suggests it is an interesting skin included in the new Prisma Case. It is reflective in nature and has light rail design on its curves.


UMP-45 is the most used weapon in the CS:GO. And since it is the most used, it has a large number of skins as well. Moonrise skin gives a cool look of big moon over a city shadow.


Counter Terrorist Rifle AUG has a new skin in the Prisma Case which gives the rifle some bright red and blue colors giving it an energetic look.

Five-SeveN|Angry Mob

Angry Mob skin is inspired by street drawings and graffiti art including cartoon characters giving Five-SeveN a bold and super colorful look.


Crypsis skin is a cheap option for FAMAS rifle. It is a solid skin with insect like pattern on it.


The scales on the body and a fish skeleton on the magazine gives the SMG MAC-10 an interesting fish look.


This skin looks like teeth of a Dragon colored in Red and White over a black background. This skin looks very graceful on the SMG MP7.

P90|Off World

Off World skin for SMG P90 is one of the coolest skins in the Prisma Case. It is a faded blue skin with marks and scratches designed on top of the base color.


In a very low price you can bamboozle the enemy with a bright green TEC-9 skin from the Prisma Case.


Since MP5-SD is still one of the newest weapons in CS:GO, it has lesser skins than other weapons in the game. The high tech wood color design looks pretty amazing.

R8 Revolver|Skull Crusher

There are not many lovers of R8 Revolver, as Desert Eagle is a much better option than the revolver. But bumblebee look from transformer now appearing on the R8 revolver looks a cool addition to the Prisma Case.


The Alligator skin and teeth looking new skins with blowing fire is one of the best skins available for the shotgun.


Inspired by the Tarot Cards, Valve has given this Counter Terrorist Rifle skin a colorful, magical and a unique look.

Prisma Case is available at the Steam Market along with the Prisma Case Key. But if you need any individual skin, that is available in the Steam Market as well.