On Tuesday, Jaroslaw pashaBiceps’ Jarzabkowski announced that he will return back to a CS: GO competition. The professional is going to lead the Liquid Biceps squad in the Polish Esports League. The squad is all set for the new member and ready to get into the tournament. Pasha became the content creator and streamer for Team Liquid in August. Pasha retired from the professional CS: GO competition in 2019. However, the professional is back and we are about to witness him play once again. 

Pasha’s History

Pasha became a professional Counter-Strike player, back in 2004. During his professional and legendary career, he battled with some of the reputed Esports teams like ESC Gaming, DELTA, and Virtus Pro. The professional became a squad member at Virtus Pro, where he stayed for five years. During his time with Virtus Pro, the team went through a lot of success and even took first place at the ELEAGUE Season 1. Later on, the team also won the DreamHack Open Bucharest 2016 and the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017. 

In 2014, Pasha became the official 3rd best professional Counter-Strike player in the world according to HLTV. The player also earned a lot of respect during these years. In 2019, Pasha got the honor to present the Intel Extreme Masters Season 13 Trophy at the IEM Katowice Major. 

Content Creator

As Pasha took off from his professional career at Counter-Strike and became a full-time content creator, people thought his days for professional gaming were over. However, professional gaming brought him back as the player always had an urge to win. Pasha made a team called Liquid Biceps, as he got a lot of attention due to his muscles, during his professional career. 

The main purpose of forming the new team is to bring the best professional players and play alongside each other. The first test for the team is the Polish Esports League. The team still hasn’t released the full squad. The details are still coming along about who will join Pasha in Liquid Biceps to compete once again. 

Polish Esports League

A lot of professional Counter-Strikes teams are participating in the Polish Esports League. During the tournament, Liquid Biceps will face the Illuminar Gaming, Avez Esports, Pact, and many more. The tournament is going to be a debut test for the team. Fans are highly excited about a new winner at the Polish Esports League.

The competition officially starts next week on October 14th. 

With Pasha returning to Counter-Strike, a lot of famous teams and fans are looking forward to an epic battle. The Polish Esports League is going to be the first run for the team. However, Pasha is really positive about his return and all set to become the Champion in the Polish CS: GO scene. If you are Pasha’s fan, you must not miss the PEL, which starts next week. A lot of exciting matches are waiting for us, let’s see until where Liquid Biceps go.