Chet Singh officially announces his retirement from competitive CS: GO through a tweet on Twitter. The former coach of the organization, 100 Thieves, recently joined the team on 26th May 2020. In his tweet, the former coach says that he has been thinking about retirement for a while now. With his retirement plan, the former coach also says that he might come back to the game as it has done a lot for him. 

Chet and his Contract

Chet admits in his tweets that he was going to sign for a Valorant professional team after leaving Evil Geniuses. However, as he got an offer from 100 Thieves, it changed his mind. In another tweet, the former coach talks about his contract with 100T. The official contract was much longer than this date. However, the organization didn’t hold him for this. 

As a matter of fact, the former coach didn’t bring anything on the table for the team. During his short time with 100T, the team didn’t perform to its full potential. Apparently, 100T is happy to let go of the former coach who wasn’t present in the game 100%. The official tweets and behaviors show that Chet left the team on a positive note. 

Chet’s Future

In his final tweets, the former coach says that he will come back to CS: GO one day as the game has given him so much. There are a lot of other reasons to believe that he has other plans. The biggest reason is his past hesitation about joining a CS: GO team. Chet had offers to join a Valorant and a CS: GO team at the same time. His decision was not as prompt as it should have been. This shows his interest in Valorant and how quickly he ran away from CS: GO.

Chet also says that he will definitely inform his fans about his future plans. Before any of his official statements, Fnatic JW jumps into the scene. In JW’s statement, he congratulates the former coach and wishes him luck for his Valorant run. Looks like his friends already know his future plans as the player will probably switch to Valorant.

His friend also wrote his famous quote ‘They treat us like animals.’, reminding everyone his achievements throughout his professional career. 

Chet to Valorant?

If Chet made it official to switch to Valorant, he will become the first coach to do so. The next step of the former coach is still unknown to all of us. His older tweets tell us a lot about his plans though. There are chances that the Chet might come back to CS: GO after some time. However, excessive talking about Valorant says a lot. We are expecting Chet to be switching to Valorant any time soon. As his friends are also posting greetings to him regarding Valorant. Let’s wait for his official statement about his new journey to Valorant. Until then, we can keep on guessing.