Cloud 9 is the most valuable company of esports of the planet according to Forbes with 310 million dollars.

Cloud 9 is the most valued esports company on the planet, or so says Forbes in a recent article. In the article a report is made assessing a total of twelve leading companies in the field of electronic sports, in addition to putting helping tools for those who are not aware of it. The article provides a large amount of data on audiences, financial figures, and the money used in the agreements for the transfer of players to these clubs.

It’s been a good year for Cloud 9 as an organization, there’s no doubt about that. After winning the first season of the Overwatch League with its London Spitfire franchise, the organization became the first North American team to win a Counter Strike: Global Offensive Major with its victory in the ELEAGUE Major in Boston. They also sneaked into the semifinals of the Worlds of League of Legends this coming weekend. With that, it is clear that the value of the organization has gone up.

Cloud 9 Worlds 2018

Credits: EkGaming

In these previous considerations, we talk about Newzoo’s study that estimates the number of fans of eSports in 2018 are over 164 million, as well as a total revenue of around 906 million dollars, with a forecast of growth to 1650 million in 2021. Over things included in the article retransmission agreements of the Overwatch League by Activision and Disney, as well as the sale of franchises for the European LCS of League of Legends by Riot Games.

According to the creators of this report, evaluations of the market value of the different organizations have been carried out after talking with the owners of these companies, bankers and experts in the sector, as well as using PitchBook data and other public documents. The latest capital increases have also been taken into account, such as the capital received by Cloud 9 last week was 50 million dollars.

Cloud 9

Credits: Forbes

Therefore, Cloud 9 led by Jack and Paullie Etienne achieved the first place with an estimated value of 310 million dollars and an estimated revenue for this year of 22 million. The first five positions are taken by North American clubs. We have to descend to the sixth position to see Fnatic and the eighth place to find G2 Esports, with 120 and 105 million dollars of value, respectively.

It is astonishing to see that data from Chinese teams have not been provided, with the only Asian presence of Gen.G in seventh place, although it has been part of the directive from Silicon Valley. The classic opacity of China may have been an inconvenience when estimating the value of its companies, even if it is the place in the world where there are a lot more viewers and where three franchises have been purchased – making a total of four – for the second season of the Overwatch League.