Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition organizer BLAST is purportedly considering changing a major replacement rule for up and coming events.

As per a report by Jarek “DeKay” Lewis, the Danish event organizer is thinking about a standard change. This change would permit teams to make replacements at halftime. 

The current standards for BLAST Premier permit groups to bring on two substitute players to replace between maps if necessary. These progressions are possibly permitted if the lineup for the guide is submitted to the Tournament Operations Manager 10 minutes before start. Up until now, no team has used this standard during a BLAST competition. Undoubtedly in light of the fact that most groups just have a five-player roster.

Astralis needs competitions to permit player trades

One organization, Astralis, has seven players on its primary list. This move was made realizing that ESL One Rio’s Regional Major had a refreshed guideline. That new change cost teams 20% of their Regional Major Ranking points per player trade. Astralis Group chief of sports Kasper Hvidt seemed to have some insider information. He knew that this sort of reasoning would be tested soon inside the CSGO scene.

Having a bigger list, Hvidt stated, took into account a progressively steady exhibition as well as made open doors for players to revive if necessary. This is an outlook that different organizations should think about if BLAST and other competition organizers become progressively open to player substitution.

It’s hazy if Astralis definitely thought about BLAST’s arrangements to extend replacement permissions back in April. However, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to expect that professional teams have been given this data in the event to plan for the changes. A few fans have even estimated that Astralis may have been informed of the data before making their ongoing list moves because of the previous business ties among Astralis and BLAST. 

The BLAST Premier Spring Showdown begins on May 31. The online competition will have top teams from North America contend among one another, while the European division dukes it out independently. Four teams from every region will progress to the finals, prepared to take on the individuals who qualified during the regular season. By then, there will be eight teams from every division combating for the eight spots at the BLAST Premier Global Final in 2021. This competition is booked to be held disconnected, however, no location has yet been declared.