BLAST Premier League 2021

World-popular BLAST Premier has kept the spirit of its fans high again. The thrill of esport is continued as BLAST Premier announces expanded entertainment for the fans in 2021 by winning eight new media rights agreements. The season 2021 is going to bring a new experience of exciting esports and fans can get out of the sickening lockdown blues. 

The TV channels that entered the agreement include Nordic Entertainment Group and SportsMax. These channels will broadcast the upcoming esports in many regions like Lithuania, Canada, and India. Esports are generating huge income in the form of pool money especially in India where a huge population is a fan of esports. Only in 2020, the number of esport fans doubled to become 17 million. Fast-growing pool money is attracting fans to quit playing e-games and become an entrepreneur. It is noticeable that in the year 2020, pool money grew 25 to 30 percent. 

csgo blast premier 2021 group

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has released a press release announcing the expansion of the media rights portfolio of BLAST. Now, it has over 35 partners. Apart from this, fans can watch BLAST Premier broadcasts in more than 150 territories, in 18 languages. People love esports for their clean and safe impacts on the environment and sustainable policies. 

The Vice President of BLAST Premier Distribution and Programming department, Mr. Alexander Lewin expressed his opinion about the new agreements that it is a thrilling event for the company employees. So many new partners including popular online TV channels in the new agreement is a huge boost to BLAST Premier.

The coming esports tournaments will give the fans an open opportunity to watch action-packed esports broadcasted by BLAST Premier. The increased accessibility to the tournaments would add a huge number of new fans to the existing numbers. The addition of over 150 countries and 18 languages to the existing destinations is a giant leap of the company towards an incredible fan base. The Vice President also vows to add more destinations and languages to the current list in the future. So, fans wait cross-fingered to experience a period of excitement as never before of viewership growth in esports at BLAST Premier. 

The year 2021 started with impressive growth and advancement for BLAST Premier. Spring Groups 2021 is one popular online European tournament organized by BLAST that marks the start of the year. Since then, the tournaments are in line, and more will be on air in near future. 

The new commissioner of the tournament series, Andrew Haworth, is determined to take tournaments to another level. He has extended present deals with audio device company EPOS and CS.MONEY. The matter has not stopped at this; he has signed new agreements with similar companies like L33T Gaming 

The tournament series has appointed Andrew Haworth as Commissioner, expanded existing deals with CS.MONEY and audio device company EPOS; and has secured new deals with the likes gaming supplement firm MADMONQ and L33T Gaming. 

The experts view BLAST Premier as one of the largest and fastest CS:GO tournament series the entertainment industry has witnessed. Success leads to more achievements. That is why this is no surprise to see BLAST Premier grabbing more deals to grow its network of esports in new destinations. Adding more languages and new destinations is part of the expansion plans. 

BLAST Premier is going to keep its millions of fans hooked throughout summer 2021. The coming tournaments are mega thrillers as they add more to the esport sensation. The in-game world is experiencing a new passion for esports, and the year 2021 is all wrapped in exciting tournaments. Fans all over the world are excited to watch the tournaments they love and enjoy the hype.