Big Clan stuns the dominating team Vitality to continue its unstoppable journey to become one of the best European teams in CSGO. The CS_Summit 6 produced so many epic games throughout and finally crowned an unexpected winner. Although Vitality had a clean run throughout the upper bracket, Big came out stronger from the lower’s. 

Big’s Tournament Run 

Big first faced Vitality in the upper bracket finals where Vitality proved why it was the favorite throughout the tournament. Although Big secured the first map (Mirage), Vitality came back into the scene by winning the rest of them. Vitality showed some amazing plays and won the two maps as 16-13 and 16-12. Vitality’s win at the upper bracket final pushed Big to go down to lower bracket finals. Here, Big faced OG which was much of a competition as well. Big eliminated OG by winning the best of three series as 2-1 and reaching the grand finals. 

Grand Finals

As Big eliminated OG from the lower bracket finals, it was the time for a rematch between Big and team Vitality. Despite the one map advantage Team Vitality had due to upper bracket winners, Big won three out of four games to win the Summit 6. The tournament didn’t go as planned for the French squad as they had to face defeat in one of their own picked maps, Overpass. Similarly, the MVP of the grand final was Xantares. He secured +17 with a total KDA of 83-66 in the total four maps both teams played in the finals. He also ended the tournament with a very strong rating of 1.22. Xantares showed his best performance to win the fans and the tournament. 


The first game of the grand finals started with Big’s map pick of Mirage. The early phase of the game favored Big constantly as they took advantage of 5-0. However, Vitality was not ready to lose so easily. As soon as Vitality shifted to the Counter-Terrorist side, they equaled the score. Eventually, as Big came back as CT, they were unstoppable and finished the first map as 16-8.


The story of the second map was just the same as the first. Although team Vitality took the early game advantage and secured a lead of 7-1. It was just a matter of time when Big came back and finished the lead by the half time as 8-7. In the second half, Vitality showed an unstoppable play and captured the map as 16-11.

Dust II and Overpass

In the final two maps, Big showed an amazing performance by closing both of them like 16-10. The two great players “k1to” and “tiziaN” from Big, showed an epic partnership in the last two maps of the tournament to take Big towards the victory. Overall, the grand final was kind of rough for both of the teams as either of them lost easy rounds. 

By Winning CS Summit 6, Big secures 2000 Valve’s regional ranking points and a $34,000 prize.