Burnout and Stress are turning out to be a major problem in esports in recent times. This time it is Andreas’ Xyp9x’ Højsleth who reported that he is going to take a break from CSGO and will step out from Astralis due to similar problems. Højsleth shared this news on his Twitter handle.

The twitter post “My Situation” clarifies why he has chosen to take a time of leave. Højsleth discusses the pressure he has been experiencing and makes reference to that it is the ideal opportunity for him to deal with his wellbeing. He ended the tweet and thanked everyone for their help and standing by his side during tough times.

“I have unfortunately been feeling burnout/stress side effects pursuing me over several months. It’s an ideal opportunity to take the important break to rest and discover the inspiration to return to Astralis. Everybody around me has done an incredible number of things so as to stay away from it, and there is nothing that I would prefer to do than continue playing without a break, however, the opportunity has arrived to deal with my wellbeing, and consequently, I have handed in sick leave request to Astralis.

“I truly need to stretch out an enormous thank you to my partners, the Astralis organization, and everybody around me who has been steady at this time. I don’t have the foggiest idea when I will be back contending, however, I trust in my fan’s understanding as this was an extremely hard choice for me to make.”

Exhaustion and stress management is a major concern

This is not the first player from Astralis that has reported their leave. Their pioneer, Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander, referred to similar explanations behind his leave half a month ago. Astralis have been enduring a big hit with core team players taking an uncertain leave from the game.

Two significant stars leaving the core team in such a limited time to focus on genuine issues is a cause of major trouble for Astralis. In any case, the significant concern despite everything stays as players’ prosperity, and ideally, Astralis is coming up with a strategy.

Snappi replacing Xyp9x

Snappi will join Astralis for the up and coming matches as Patrick “es3tag” Hensen will just join the CSGO group in July. Snappi has been out of action since April when he was with the Team Heroic. The Danish player has been a piece of some significant names throughout the years and is currently completely ready to make a debut for ESL One Champions Astralis.

Snappi made a big appearance on June 1 BLAST chief League Showdown alongside the remainder of the team. He has just marked a momentary agreement as Astralis considers him to be a substitution just till Hansen finishes his turn. It will be exciting to perceive how the 29-year old settles in his new CSGO group in the midst of a considerable number of emergencies.