Every year, CS:GO fans get to enjoy some really amazing tournaments hosted by different organizers. From tournaments that feature big prize pools to the ones that provide new teams a platform, CS:GO has it all. Just like the previous year, 2020 is expected to become home to some of the biggest CS:GO tournaments. At the moment, CS:GO fans are enjoying the ongoing IEM Katowice. This tournament is one of the biggest tournaments hosted for CS:GO with some of the top-tier teams participating in it.

Recently, fans got the chance to witness a match between Astralis and Vitality. For those who don’t know, both teams are considered as some of the best teams in the world as they have won some of the biggest CS:GO tournaments. In addition to this, both have a roster filled with amazing CS:GO players, so it is always exciting to see their matches. The most important thing about their recent match was that the winner would proceed to the playoffs of the IEM Katowice.

Their match was really amazing, and Astalis made all of its fans happy after defeating their opponent with a score of 2-0. Their match was a part of the Group A upper bracket semifinals, so it was important. Now that they have won the upper bracket semifinals, Astralis is only one victory away from securing a spot in the semifinals. On the other hand, Vitality has now been sent to the lower bracket where they will have to play two elimination best-of-three series.

Astralis dominated Vitality on their T side during the first map of the series. They gave their opponent a hard time and won the map with a score of 16-9. Dupreeh played well during the match. In fact, he is one of the reasons why they won. Aside from 29 frags and only 15 deaths, Dupreeh had several multi-kills.

Vertigo was the second map and it was really exciting. This is mainly because, at one point, the score was 12-6. However, Astralis soon increased the pace and the match ended after the second overtime with a score of 22-19. Astralis performance was remarkable and their player Magisk was the top fragger with 39 kills. While Vitality lost the match, their player RpK carried his team with 35 frags.

In any case, their match was really amazing and fans had a great time watching it. Both teams tried their best, but only one could secure the win. The playoffs have been guaranteed for Astralis, and they will now try to top their group so that they can directly qualify for the semifinals. This is because it will give them one extra day to rest and even prepare for the match that will be held at the Spodek Arena. Fans are excited to see their next performance because they are looking stronger than they were at the BLAST Premier Spring Series.

As for Vitality, they are prepared to reach the playoffs too. Although they have lost their recent match, they still have one more chance to secure a spot.