In the final of the BLAST Pro Series Lisbon, Astralis  showed why they are No.1 in the world ranking as they beat Natus Vincere 2-1 in the final series to win the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) competition. Although Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev occasionally inspired the Na’Vi side, his performance was not enough to beat Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen and company, who showed why they were at the top of the CS: GO scenario in 2018.

With the result, the Danes took home the title and the prize of US $ 125 thousand. This was the second Astralis title in a BLAST Pro Series this year. They had already won the September Istanbul edition of Turkey.

Game 1

On the Overpass , Astralis won the first pistol round of the match, and Na’Vi chose to risk in a forced round soon after. The decision resulted in the victory in the round for the Ukrainians, who took advantage of the good moment to win another sequence of rounds. S1mple was crucial to maintaining that advantage of his team by turning a lost round by eliminating three players of the opposition single handedly. Then it was enough to keep up the good performance to finish the first half in 11-4.

In the second half, a little more balance between the two teams. Although Na’Vi took the pistol, Astralis showed that it would not give the game so easily and showed that it would recover. However, it was the moment for the Ukrainians, who without difficulty closed the first game in a 16-7.

Game 2

Playing on the Cache , Na’Vi’s excellent start did not stop Astralis from showing the CS: GO that took them to the top of the world in  2018. Shortly after a pause, the Danes managed to find themselves and turn from a 5-3 to a 10 -5 at the end of the first half. Already on the sidelines, it seemed that the s1mple player could make a difference for Na’Vi, but Astralis strategies were back in effect and, without difficulty, they managed to close the game in 16-9, forcing the third and final game from the series.

Game 3

In Dust 2, Natus Vincere did not repeat the last performances and ended up being dominated in the last game of the series. Astralis took advantage of the various errors of its opponent, especially in the misuse of the grenades and, with better strategies, made the last game to be quite different from the rest of the series. So much so that the first half ended in 12-3, a pretty considerable advantage.

In the second half, the Na’Vi even managed to win the second pistol, but the moment was really the Astralis. It was enough to manage the remaining rounds for the best team to close the account at 16-4, winning the BLAST Pro Series title in Portugal.