Recent reports point out that Alex “ALEX” McMeekin is the top choice to lead FunPlus Phoenix’s CSGO roster this year.

As per the reports obtained from DBLTab, FPX is in an avid search of a former vitality in-game leader Alex to lead its way and return to CSGO especially after the rough entrance FPX had to face into Counter-Strike’s Global Offensive competitive scene. The controversy was ignited when FPX tried to get a hold of Danish CSGO team Heroic roster at the very beginning of the tournament.

Deal to go down

Near the expiry of the contract Heroic cornerstone player, Patrick “es3tag” Hansen had with them, suddenly he decided to change the course of his ship and wait out this particular contract signed with Heroic. Patrick “es3tag” Hansen basically made this move in order to sign a contract with Astralis. Although the prior deal for the remainder of the Heroic roster fell through and failed terribly, nevertheless FPX publically announced the signing of the new roster. FPX’s entry into CSGO turned to be havoc because of the loss of the roster instead of it being something of a big deal. This all happened as a result of an esports organization which is famous for its shining success in League of Legends was then forced to field the now non-existing Bad News Bear in its place. This resulted in the team being at the seventh position in the team-owned league.

New in-game leader

Since March of 2020, ALEX has sat on Vitality’s bench and stated that CGSO’s competitive circuit spent more time in traveling. This got to more than what the player and the team Vitality agreed upon. Kévin “misutaaa” Rabier replaced ALEX in the active lineup of Vitality due to this. The reports say that Vitality has made ALEX’s buyouts to be $600,000. This is a massive upward.  

FunPlus’ return to CSGO

FunPlus Pheonix’s return still feels like a mystery. Fans heard very little about it after the end of FLASHPOINT 1. However, most professionals claimed that FPX will return to Counter-Strike. The league representative, Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields and FLASHPOINT’s Commissioner Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles says that they are sure about the return of FPX to Counter-Strike competition. 

FPX is a very strong and valuable asset for the Flashpoint ownership group. The organization is very prestigious for the fans. The sad past is still bitter that the heroic roster and the whole es3tag fell down. The organization’s excitement about joining the league took us nowhere. However, fans are still waiting for the organization to come back. The Flashpoint Commissioner MonteCristo said that they will be back with a top-tier team. 

We can now wait and expect that FPX can return to Flashpoint at any time. Multiple professionals promised its return to the scene. Fans are looking forward to these promises to fulfill. Let’s see what the future holds for us. If the organization joins back the scene or it doesn’t.