CS:GO is currently one of the biggest video games out there. It is played by millions of players every month and almost everyone enjoys it to the fullest. The game even became the most played game on Steam in the month of October 2019, thus crossing Dota 2. Since the game was created, developer Valve has released a number of updates for it through which they have introduced new things to the game. They have also made different changes to how things work in CS:GO. Now, they have released another update which has addressed a very serious issue that exists in many multiplayer games.

Problems in CS:GO

Players face many problems in CS:GO. From matchmaking to lag, the game has all those issues seen in other multiplayer games. However, there exists one thing which has always bothered many players, especially new ones. In CS:GO, you can get banned if you are caught cheating. There have been many players who got their accounts banned because of using cheating software. However, if you harass your teammates, shout at them, bully them, call them names, then they could get away with it. But not anymore.

Valve has recently decided to further improve their game by introducing some which fans have always asked for. As we all know, communication is something really important in CS:GO. Without it, you just cannot have good teamwork as no one would know what his teammate is thinking. Sometimes, players often get targeted by players who abuse them, shout at them, and harass them. Since there was nothing being done about this before, Valve has now come up with a solution.

Abusive Communication’s Punishment

Through the latest update, Valve has introduced a new feature that will tackle such players. If Valve receives multiple abuse reports for a player, then a warning will be issue to him. However, if the player continues to offend other players even after the warning, then Valve will mute them. Although players can be unmuted later, their record of abusing other players will remain. The name as well as the avatar of the muted player will not also appear, thus they will kind of disappear from the game’s map.

After the update, Valve has asked players to make the best use of this feature to report such incidents quickly. Abusive communication will automatically lead to getting mute if reported. Therefore, if a player has been muted during the game, he/she should think about what they’ve doing and try to not repeat it.

Abusive communication is a problem that exist in other games too such as Overwatch, League of Legends. The best option in such cases is to mute the player who is continuously abusing. However, there are times when some players respond back, and the abusive conversation gets started. While the two engage in this conversation, other players get disturbed by this. The same has been happening in CS:GO for ages. But now, players will finally have something to punish these players.