Valve has a system called VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) to prevent cheating. Cheating is the use of tools or software that gives an unfair advantage to players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game verdicts a severe punishment when it detects a violation by the user: The player is banned and is unable to play on servers protected by the VAC system. When the competitive athletes cheat, players can receive a permanent ban from tournaments. Here are some of the hacks that can ban players in CSGO.


Aimbot is another cheat that is banned and condemned by the VAC system. Its use is very simple and provides a huge unfair advantage: When applied into the game, the hack automatically directs the player’s aim to the head of the opponent who is in his field of vision, causing the player to obtain a headshot without any effort.


Spinbot causes the player to rotate constantly, allowing the gamer to see absolutely every point around him. Thus, the cheat allows the user to see and shoot anyone who might try to surprise him from the back or sides. The hack is a kind of combination with Aimbot, since it also causes the player’s sights to automatically go to the opponent’s head.


Like the Aimbot, the Triggerbot also uses the crosshair for undue advantages. The cheat automatically shoots the player without having to press a single key. It triggers when a player enters the aim of his weapon.

Wall hack

The Wall hack is a type of cheating that allows the gamer to see everything beyond the walls of the map. In this way, the player will have a huge advantage in the match, knowing exactly where his opponents are.

Skin changer

Although it looks harmless and does not change the weapons functionality and player’s performance in the game, the skin changer is also punished by the VAC. The hack allows the user to use several in-game weapons and skins without the need to purchase any of them.

Valve CSGO

Credits: Redbull

Auto pistol

The auto pistol is a type of hack that allows the player to make continuous shots just by holding down the command button. In simple words, your pistol becomes an SMG. When using pistols in CSGO there is some delay between the shots. Therefore, the auto pistol brings abusive advantages over other players, who take much more time in the alternation between each shot.

VAC Ban cases in eSports

VAC is not restricted to casual players: there are many cases of irregular game modifications in CSGO tournaments, too. The list of athletes who have been punished for using cheats is long. In 2014, after a wave of banishment by Valve, a professional Counter-Strike player was affected. Anil “cLy” Gülec, a member of Planetkey Dynamics, was banned by VAC and lost his CSGO account.

A more recent case was the Chinese Kun “LEo” Hou who used a banned software during the CSGO Asia Championships. The tournament took place in May this year and ended with LEo getting permanently banned from events sponsored by Valve. The consequence, however, also affected the Fierce Tiger, the player’s team, which was disqualified from the championship.